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Do I send DS to school with cold 1st week Reception class?

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Jzee Sun 09-Sep-07 19:39:07

DS has a cough and runny nose and has been up and down during the weekend. If he was at nursery I would probably keep him home for one more day. However, he's just started reception. I shall see how he is in the morning, but my first instinct would be to keep him home as a) He won't be coughing all over the other kids and b) if he doesn't feel well there could be too much going on to cope with. Is there a general rule with schools as to kids having a cold? Would they prefer them to stay home or attend?

BellaLasagne Sun 09-Sep-07 19:46:47

It depends exactly how bad he is. I'd never send a child to school that was infectious or had a temperature, on the other hand, if you keep them off every time they have a cold they're going to be at home a lot!
Trust your instincts and see how he is in the morning.

coppertop Sun 09-Sep-07 19:47:56

If he's still running around and generally happy then I'd send him. If he's feeling ill or run-down then I'd keep him off.

McDreamy Sun 09-Sep-07 19:49:06

If it's just a cold and he's generally ok then I would sen him

Niecie Sun 09-Sep-07 19:52:00

I asked DS's teacher about sending them with a cold and she said send them unless they have a termperature or they haven't eaten anything.

You might find it takes his mind off it and he will be fine at school but will crash a bit when he gets home. Let the teacher know and say you will be happy to pick him up if he is struggling.

If he has been down all weekend I expect he will be on the road to recovery by tomorrow.

I hope he feels better soon.

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