Armpit and arm pain

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bloodywhitecat Wed 18-Mar-20 14:08:02

I have the most awful pain in my armpit with pain in my lower arm and numbness in my hand. I have compressed discs in my neck and I think they have flared up, I take amitriptyline for the pain but it is not touching it today, is there anything else I can take to get me through to Friday when I have a phone consult with my GP. I've tried codeine without success, holding the baby is damned near impossible atm.

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TaterWaffle Wed 18-Mar-20 14:23:12

That’s great that you will speak to your doctor on Friday.

I don’t really know about nerve pain, but for pain in general, a hot bath with Epsom salts, followed by rubbing Magnesium oil all over your arm, might help a bit.

TaterWaffle Wed 18-Mar-20 14:24:36

Also... look up heart attack symptoms and see if any apply. Hopefully it isn’t that!

bloodywhitecat Wed 18-Mar-20 16:51:28

Definitely not a heart attack (even though it is my left arm), I have magnesium oil, I will give it a go thank you.

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TaterWaffle Wed 18-Mar-20 19:21:23

Oh I’m glad! Best of luck.

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