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how do i know if my ds is getting dehydrated?

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clairejo Sun 09-Sep-07 06:21:28

My ds, 10 months has been quite poorly for 72 hours. He has possibly got tonsilitis. Been to the docs twice since friday. He is on antibiotics and painkillers. His temp at the min is again at 39.5. But I am struggling to get him to eat or drink anything and at times he is quite lethargic. I am concerned he is noot getting enough fluid - how do i know.

lulu25 Sun 09-Sep-07 07:29:34

no wet nappies
dry mouth

if very dehydrated, slack skin (doesn't bounce back if you pinch) and slow capillary refill (tips of fingers stay white if you pinch them)

hope he's better soon!

LattVansinniglangsam Sun 09-Sep-07 08:09:50

no tears when crying

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