Emetophobia and my child has just been sent home from nursery after being sick

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Mummybear6288 Tue 17-Mar-20 13:57:29

I have struggled with sickness my whole life, if I am ever sick which is very rare I just can’t cope.

Luckily my 2 children are hardly ever sick however my 3 year old had to leave nursery early today as she was sick (a lot apparently). She hasn’t got a cough so that never forced her to be sick and she’s so white and telling me she’s cold.

I’ve already had abit of an emotional breakdown and I just don’t know how I’m going to cope. My husband is working away and don’t want to ask anyone round to help me incase they catch it (if it is a bug). I don’t know how il cope if she’s sick again, and I don’t know how il cope if I catch it.

Is there anyone out there that can reassure me it might not be a bug and give me some coping ideas sadsad

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99RedRaccoons Tue 17-Mar-20 14:05:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NeverDropYourMoonCup Tue 17-Mar-20 14:13:44

Nobody else is available to look after your child if you won't.

So you are going to have to deal with it, emetophoboa or not; somebody with arachnophobia doesn't leave their baby to be bitten by a poisonous spider - they save them, despite their terror.

You will have to do the same.

tiredanddangerous Tue 17-Mar-20 14:19:54

You just need to pull yourself together and get on with it. Have a bucket and lots of towels on standby, along with tissues and cleaning products.

You really need to not be having emotional breakdowns in front of your child.

thefamousfiveplusone Tue 17-Mar-20 14:22:23

As a lifelong sufferer myself I can totally relate but please be assured that you will cope and get through this. As well as your poorly little one.

Thankfully my children aren't 'sicky' however on the rare occasions they have had a bug, despite my inner anxiety being through the roof, I have somehow managed to cope with it. You will surprise yourself and afterwards feel super proud of what you've managed to deal with.

Emetaphobia is no joke and can be very debilitating so you have my full sympathies. Plenty of bleach and hand washing....as well as deep breaths and your big girl pants wink

Shinyletsbebadguys Tue 17-Mar-20 14:23:05

I'm sorry but currently there are limited options. I truly dont want to be harsh but you haven't got a choice really but to cope.

I understand phobias are prohibitive but ultimately your child needs you . Any other time I would absolutely say get someone to help but currently you realistically cant risk infecting someone.

I had a huge phobia of the dark (still have it a bit) until my marriage broke down and I was a single parent and there was a power failure. I was the only adult with my two DC and I was petrified but I simply had to step up, ir leave two terrified children to deal with it themselves.

Noone knows if it is a bug, genuinely good luck op I know it's not easy

WestCovina Tue 17-Mar-20 14:26:17

I have emetophobia too, so a handhold from me.

The chances are if she is sick when she is with you, you’ll find that you can cope. The anxiety of the build up is usually worse than the event - having worked in childcare I’ve been faced with numerous sicky children. Deep breaths, you can do this flowers


Mummybear6288 Tue 17-Mar-20 15:41:44

Thank you for the kind replies. She hasn’t been sick in 2.5 hours so I’m hoping this is a good sign.

This must sound crazy to people who are totally fine with sickness but I’m an otherwise really calm person but this phobia just takes over my life when I’m faced with it.

I’m hoping this is a one off and not a bug x

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WhatwouldRuthdo Tue 17-Mar-20 16:11:45

I completely understand. I am emetephobic, though only with regards to other people, and am having CBT. You will get through this. It may not be pleasant, but you will. I find the anticipation of the vomiting is the worse part. Get as prepared as you can, with bowl, towels, cleaning products. Don’t let her see that you are scared. Good luck.

Cbwick Tue 17-Mar-20 22:56:09

I am like this as well, shear panic, however over the years I have got a sort of routine that helps me cope when my son is sick, which happens many time’s a year. I have a bowl, but put a pedal bin liner in it, as soon as he finishes I tie it up and put it straight out into my outdoor bin without having to wash out the sick. I wear gloves and change them each time he is sick. I spray the door handles and bowl with dettol disinfectant. I also keep us down stairs in one room and sit him on disposable bed mats , so again can be wrapped up, bagged and straight out. Only way I can manage, but having this plan helps, especially the pedal bin liner in the bowl. It is out the door quickly! My bowl is always ready set up for anytime it is needed. With spare roll of bags/ gloves etc

LookUponMyWorks Tue 17-Mar-20 23:09:13

That's a really good tip @cbwick, thank you

WeAllHaveWings Tue 17-Mar-20 23:15:23

Try to keep a bowl, towels nearby to catch it so the clean up is as easy as possible. Grit teeth and get on with it.

BecauseReasons Tue 17-Mar-20 23:16:02

Yep, big girl pants and a plan. Dealing with sick is just par for the course with kids.

villainousbroodmare Tue 17-Mar-20 23:22:19

If you have enough bedding, I'd "double sheet" her bed. So waterproof sheet, normal sheet, then another waterproof sheet, and another normal sheet. So if there's an accident you can bundle it off fast. Good luck.

Mummybear6288 Wed 18-Mar-20 08:28:34

Thank you, a bucket with a liner in it is a great idea I’ve never thought of that.

She was sick before bed but nothing through the night thankfully.

I looked into CBT a while ago but forgot about it, this has reminded me I 100% need to look into it again!

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Sparklfairy Wed 18-Mar-20 08:39:24

I speak from a place of ignorance, not unkindness (I am genuinely curious), but why would someone with emetophobia have kids without at least trying to reduce the problem? Kids get sick, it's gross, but with a phobia I just don't understand why you'd put yourself through it.

Sorry if I've offended anyone confused

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