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dd threw up just after going to bed....

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Paddlechick666 Sat 08-Sep-07 20:24:57

evening all, quick bit of advice/info if you can.

just put dd to bed and she started coughing a bit. i went back in and it began to sound a bit more like a vomit was on it's way.

got her into the bathroom where she coughed again and had a minor spew onto the floor. she wasn't too upset, stripped her sleeping bag off and stood her over the loo.

she didn't spew again and was quite delighted with sticking her head down the loo and fake coughing!

no temp and back in bed and asleep now, no more coughing.

will she wake up if she's sick again d'you think? am petrified she'll roll on her back and choke.

tmi but the vomit was weird, she'd had spag bol for tea but it was more like yoghurt and had raisins in that she ate about 2pm!

d'you think it's just a one off, cough induced vom?

ps: she's sleeping soundly now.....

lucykate Sat 08-Sep-07 20:28:58

every time my dd has a cough, she is sick with it without fail, has been like that since birth. i think it is worsened by her coughing with her mouth wide open so it induces retching.

chances are your dd will be fine, but listen out for any coughing fits during the night. we tend to lay a towel over the top half of the bed, just in case.

gess Sat 08-Sep-07 20:30:00

dunno but we're just emerging from a bug. Ds2 first, ds1 45 mins later, me 15 mins after that. Horrendous. All 3 of us spent the day lying in my bed yesterday (but they took up all the room- ds1 won't touch duvets so he took up more space than he would have!- I was lying across the bottom of the bed). Hideous.

I tend to sleep with the kids when they're sick (bring them in with me), mainly to help them catch it- dh took ds1 on Thurs night, I had ds2. I think its usually really really drunk people who don't move from their back when being sick.

Paddlechick666 Sat 08-Sep-07 21:19:11

thanks everyone.

she slept peacefully for about 30 mins then the coughing started again.

she's so tired tonight but the coughing is just keeping her awake. she won't take a drink at all either.

i've brought her downstairs and tucked her up in front of Curious George. she's not coughing anymore now tho!

i'm on my own and i find the nights when she's sick just the hardest to handle.

we co-slept from birth till 15months so it's no biggie to bring her back in with me tonight. same here tho, kingsize bed, mummy lengthwise across bottom dd sprawled all over!

gess, thanks for the email, sorry have not responded but i really appreciate it.

gess Sat 08-Sep-07 22:08:50

I find sick nights/days the worst as well. I used to be an emetophobe (spelling?) have been chucked up on so many times now I've lost all fear

Paddlechick666 Sun 09-Sep-07 08:08:54

morning all

well i tried to bring dd to bed with me but she was far too wriggly, wouldn't settle down and wanted to play hidey under the duvet!

so about 10:30ish she went back in her own bed and slept okay.

i, of course, didn't sleep okay at all

she woke up at 7am on the button and seems fine this morning.

gess, i guess that's what they call facing your phobias eh!

so much for my precious saturday night in front of the tv with a pizza and glass of wine hmm

gess Sun 09-Sep-07 11:13:03

dh has started here! I'm staying well away. Done 3 days of sick- not doing another (haven't quite got over the adult sick phobia yet).

Glad she was ok - and hope you get a peaceful Sunday!

Dior Sun 09-Sep-07 11:17:21

Message withdrawn

Paddlechick666 Sun 09-Sep-07 21:04:44

evening all.

gess, hope you've avoided any more vom today!

dd has had a top day and has regained her usual (feed me immediately and don't stop till i fall asleep) appetite.

she's been a bit out of sorts at times but i think that's more due to tiredness. CM called earlier to advise one of her playmates has come out in the pox so......

i don't feel too great tonight tbh but am putting that down to sleep deprivation more than anything else.

hope nothing further develops.

just wish these things wouldn't knock me for six on the paranoia front. after dd's apnea at 10 weeks i worry so much overnight.

the happiest noise of my day is hearing her first noises/movements and knowing she's alive!

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