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Periods all haywire - currently on day 19

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WigWamBam Sat 08-Sep-07 18:47:49

And showing no signs of stopping.

Prior to having dd they were very infrequent (as in once or twice a year) but since they came back after having her they have been as regular as clockwork every 28 days.

Over the past six months though they have been really strange - lasting for a couple of weeks at a time, and with a cycle ranging between 18 and 45 days. This one is the longest yet, and I'm getting a bit peed off with it now!

Any experience or suggestions? Will be seeing the GP but can't get in for a week or two.

TigerFeet Sat 08-Sep-07 18:53:12

Haven't a clue WWB sorry, but bumping for you

WigWamBam Sat 08-Sep-07 19:06:09

Thanks for the bump smile (Are you going to come back and finish that game of Scrabble, by the way?)

WigWamBam Sat 08-Sep-07 19:49:47


WigWamBam Sun 09-Sep-07 19:35:11

Anyone? Please?

It's 20 days now and I am heartily fed up with it!

sleepfinder Sun 09-Sep-07 19:48:16

Could you be anemic?

Or could you have polysistic ovaries (not to scare you, just heard that this is sometimes a symptom of those)

or could you possibly be having a "missed miscarriage"?

Why not see your GP for reassurance...

WigWamBam Sun 09-Sep-07 19:54:02

Thanks for your reply. I'm going to see the GP but I can't get in for a couple of weeks. I just wondered if anyone else could shed any light on possible causes!

Given that I'm overweight and hairy, PCOS is a possibility. I don't think I'm anaemic ... or at least I wasn't, until I started bleeding for England wink

Definitely not a miscarriage.

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