Embarrassing doctors or not

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doctorsornot Sun 15-Mar-20 21:05:29

For about 3-4 weeks I have been bleeding when I poo. Bright red type blood.

My stools were quite dry and hard for about a month before due to bad diet and lack of fibre. I figured I tore something. It is not getting better. My diet is a bit better but sometimes like today it was just so painful to go that I almost cried. I read online this could be anal fissures and the treatment is laxatices and vegetables and exercise. Shall I just try this for a few weeks? Or make an appointment?

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Cornishmumofone Sun 15-Mar-20 21:06:29

See a doctor ASAP.

doctorsornot Sun 15-Mar-20 21:16:48


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Skeeter2020 Sun 15-Mar-20 21:20:00

You're supposed to see a Dr if you have blood in your stools even on just one occasion. Make an appt asap - take care

jaggynettle Sun 15-Mar-20 21:21:40

Make an appointment definitely. In the meantime you could try taking senna to see if it helps your poo pass a bit easier.

CMMum88 Sun 15-Mar-20 21:22:12

Hi OP, I had an anal tear when pregnant and they are so painful. I had to go to the doctor and they prescribed a special cream and suppositories to help heal it.

nocoolnamesleft Mon 16-Mar-20 09:04:08

Don't take senna - it's a stimulant laxative, won't do much to soften your poo. Take laxido/movicol in amounts that make you poo consistently soft.


Toomboom Mon 16-Mar-20 09:21:41

See your GP. There is nothing they haven't seen before, so don't be embarrassed. Bleeding should always be investigated.
When you have a child with crohns you talk poo all the time so learn very quickly not to be embarrassed smile

doctorsornot Mon 16-Mar-20 20:59:28

Thanks all. Spoke to doc today. She said take lactulose.

The next step is cream but I would have to come in for that. She said it was up to me- come today or wait a week. Not sure why but said I would try laxatives and see if bleeding stops. I know the pain will take longer though. Fingers crossed.

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doctorsornot Thu 19-Mar-20 06:58:39

Not sure what is worse- anxiety about corona or pain of this. Dear me. Thank god for laxatives.

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