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fedda Sat 08-Sep-07 18:07:40

Hi, I wonder if you'd be interested in the idea of discussing diets. What works for you? What diet is tried and tested for slimming, good health, good for mums, good for the kids, etc. I'm currently trying to loose some weight and I often look on the slimming thread but I though may be this thread could be discussed on health thread as I think it's so important not to over do it and not to start something and only to find yourself sliding back to all the wrong habbits which not only makes us fat but also unhealthy.

MrsPuddleduck Sat 08-Sep-07 18:15:21

Sounds daft but the only thing that works for me is eating less.

1 weetabix for breakfast (100 calories)

1/2 tin of heinz chicken and noodle soup with plain granary roll for lunch (250 calories)

Eat normally in the evening but try and cut down on portion size, esp potatoes and pasta.

Fruit for a snack in evening if needed.

I can lose 1-2lb a week doing this but its a bit of a killer until your body gets used it.

I try and have a cup of tea every time I feel hungry and never snack between meals.

If I know I am going out to visit friends where there will be cakes/biscuits I skip the bread roll at lunchtime to compensate.

3andnomore Sat 08-Sep-07 18:53:04

Hm...over the years, I think I have done them all with more or less

used to be very mad and unhealthy in my drinking black coffee all day, so I would not feel hungry, or just eating spinach, small amounts of tofu or fish and hardboiled eggs....rubbish stuff like that...

I have had a time when I did the Atkins Diet..but that one didn't actually work to well for me and was frustrating, and thinking about it properly, I was fooling myself to believe I was being healthy!
I also did a Food combining diet, the Kensington diet...less unhealthy, did work, I suppose...but well...

I have done Slimming World and WW and have had success with both...but sadly afterwhile I go off track and gain it back!With both plans I found that dispite peopele loosing the weight, not all used it to actually eat a healthier diet.

I have sworn off low fat diets now...I have read several Jason Vale Books and have just finished Paul McKennas Book, and both these books tie in nicely with eachother...explaining about teh reasons of over eating, you tools to work with.
Jason Vale is obvioulsy on a real Health "Trip"...and I actually did his Juicing 7 Ibs in 7 days plan to detoxify myself and his turbocharge plan, etc...and I found Juicing really beneficial. And I will get back into Juicing, but had a bit of a illness issue a while back, which made me sick up a Juice (sorry, tmi) and that has sort of mentally blocked me a bit...
Obviously I have only finished P.McKennas Book, so, no idea if it will actually work for me properly....but well it does make sense....especially as I am a fast, really slowing myself down has got to work somewhat....

I find all the low fat diets etc...well...they all are will power issue, and they are not necessary healthy!
I mean, on most plans you would be crazy to eat things like avocado, etc...because they are so high in fat...but it's forgetting that it's really healthy and essential fat!

fedda Sat 08-Sep-07 19:07:07

Thank you for your replies. I've tried many things as well but over hte years I put on weight badly anyway. At present I'm trying to have 10 healthy things a day, not just fruit and veg but also nuts, herbs, etc. and I'm trying very hard to avoid potatoes, rice and pasta after 5. What's your opiniln on the after 5 idsa? Some people say it's essential and others that it's damaging or not beneficial. At present it creates some difficulty with DH who finds it upsetting that I don't join him with the whole meal. Is it worth it?

nappyneeds Sat 08-Sep-07 19:12:00

i have tried slimming world ages ago with some success but didnt like weight watchers (this is going back quite a few years now). I am a BIG fan of gillian mckeith and believe her books are the best kind of thing. Proper nutritional advice with an explanation - i love learning all about foods and how it all works and I think that helps me with my eating.

The only way I ever seem to loose weight is when I dont mean to. Ive been 10 stone 'something' since younger and the first ever time i lost weight and reached just under 9 stone was after a bad breakup. I guess the stress plus being a single working mum just meant I had no time to eat. Since then I steadily piled it on again and reached 13 stone! this was a year or so ago but since having my baby (shes 11 months now) the weight has fell off again without doing anything other than just being really busy - too busy to graze i think it is!

However saying that - I have noticed that as things have become less hectic I am getting back into my bad habits of chocolate and bowls of cereal late at night and am creeping back towards 11 stone. I really dont want to do this and am gonna try and get out running. Im not very good at all following a health plan/diet as life it just too hectic to do all the cooking/supermarket shopping etc so i figured if i did the excercise then the will to eat better would follow.

nappyneeds Sat 08-Sep-07 19:13:33

have a read of gillian mckeith - you could pick up some cheap books on ebay or local library perhaps. I think it would be beneficial.

3andnomore Sat 08-Sep-07 21:11:01

Not sure, but think Jason Vale and Gillian's books have some similarities...albeit JV isn't into checking poo out...but both are in juicing ertc....

Fedda, including nuts and herbs well as fruit and veg is a brilliant thing
And, I certianly am off the opinion that at the time when the metabolism slows down...roughtly 7pm....manmade carbs, like bread and pasta are better not included...however, brown rice is seemingly not a problem.....
However, I try actually also to elimate the man made carbs from my dinner, which is around 5pm....
Jason Vale actually mentions this as a fast rule...not a har d one...because well, teh odd occasion of anything will not hurt.

The reason I like Jason Vales books so much is that he really goes into the addictive side off sugar, why is that such a trigger...and even foods we generally consider as healthfoods are mythbusted....
Paul McKenna is more of a trust your body listen to it, and that will get you where you want to be...although, both do some visiulation I said, tehy are good together, really!

Gillian, well, some of the things she claims are a bit unreal...and that is meant to be offensive...honestly, some of the things she claims are not real....

fedda Sat 08-Sep-07 22:50:07

I think some od Gillian't stuff is off putting for me, e.g. why should anyone suffer drinking some strange looking and smelling juice which makes you sick and why should she speak about the poo on TV. I borrpwed her DVD in the library and she was asking many questions on which I should answer and she looked and sounded really frightening and severe saying something like 'Shame on you' and 'I don't pitty you' sort of phrases, sorry can't remember the actual words but I felt bad just watching it all. Anyway, juicing is not as good as eating the whole fruit I think or as I prefer, fruit and vegetable salad - something like cucumber, tomato, avocado, grapes, apple and pear pieces with a drizzle of olive oil, juice of lemon and some fresh herbs. I would never juice it though, it must look awful. Anyway, i'm not an expert, I just would like to find a good smart way without suffering to get slimmer but remain healthy and stay that way. I already cut out buiscuits, cakes, donats, chocolate, crisps although i don't promise that for ever. Some people say use 80/20 rule. i have a problem area which is difficult to fix - my stomach is large.

nappyneeds Sun 09-Sep-07 00:15:27

I have some jason vale books - just havent gotten round to reading them yet smile

think i have the 7 lbs in 7 days one? and another general juicing one - guess i should try them

fedda Sun 09-Sep-07 08:44:27

I'm going to get some of his books and read them. It all sounds interesting.

3andnomore Sun 09-Sep-07 12:57:21

actually fedda...a lot of juices are really delicious (although some more thten others, but I suppose it's a question of taste, etc...)...and they do have their health benefits..because our digestive system is often so battered and clogged up, it finds it hard to digest anything, and dispite fiber being of course a vitally important part in our diet and off f&v, the fiber can inhibit us getting all teh goodness a fruit/vegetable juice the fruit is "pre chewed" so to say, and therefor the vitamins and enzymes and minerals can all reach their destination easier.
This saying, of course, longterm, no one really should jsut live of his detox Jason Vale makes it very clear, that a week is enough just to flush that system out.

Jason Vale mentions in his book, that it is good to aim for water-rich foods (fruit &vegetables in all forms)as 70% (I was aoround about that number) of the daily diet and the rest should be made up of other, preferable healthy foods...afterall the body is made up of mostly

3andnomore Sun 09-Sep-07 13:01:02

here an extract from a book, which also explains much much better then I did, why Juicing is a good tool

fedda Sun 09-Sep-07 15:03:26

That's very interesting, thank you.

3andnomore Sun 09-Sep-07 17:36:17

fedda, here is the 10/10 thread I mentioned in the other thread....

you might find it informative, etc...

fedda Sun 09-Sep-07 19:48:17

Thank you, 3andnomore, it's interesting and I'll be reading the thread. I've looked at it in the past and since then I started to try to eat 10 portions a day and do at least 10 minutes excersise. I've been rowing for 10 minutes and I had home made soup with mushrooms, carrots, garlic, coriander and green peas. I also had some dried cheiiries, nectarines and grapes in the morning with my porriage. i don't know if baked beans are count 9I had them with my steak and potatoes). later I'll have an apple.

3andnomore Sun 09-Sep-07 20:57:05

baked beans would count, yes...soudns like youa re doing really well!
Honest, if you eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full, you will loose the weight...around teh middle is sadly always one of those's stubborn around there...but it will improve with exercise and diet

fedda Sun 09-Sep-07 21:14:35

Yes, about eating when hungry and stopping when full. It's a tricky one. Don't you find that it's often meal time when we are supposed to have family meals together, DH is hungry, kids are hungry but you are not. What do you do? Do you not eat with them and then when everyone is doing something else after dinner you start eating because you are hungry? You stay in a hotel and it's breakfast time. Your family goes to the breakfast room but you are not hungry. You just sit there with them or say that you are not well or you need some time on your own. They finish their breakfast, start getting ready to go out and now you are hungry. Sorry, everyone, my body tells me I'm hungry. It;s time to go to work and you are back, not on holidays. You go to work without your food and once you've arrived, gues what, you are hungry. Sorry, guys, my body tells me I'm hungry. See you soon. Wait a moment, you've just arrived1 you get the picture. It's a good idea if you are single and you don't work. Eat when you want and stop when you want. No problems. how would you do it with a family and work commitments? Well, I don't have an answer. Any ideas are greatly appriciated.

3andnomore Sun 09-Sep-07 21:45:15

lol....I must say..I am lucky as in...well, at certain times, the usual mealtimes I am hungry a prob, I suppose...otherwise, you just have to be prepared...I suppose and go with things like fruit...which couldn't be faster food if it tried...

I am usually a really fast eater...which most certianly has made my portionsize huge...since reading paul mckennas book, I have made a real effort in eating slwoly, and indeed you are full so much sooner...

fedda Mon 10-Sep-07 12:41:52

Well, his method makes me have my food cold as only first 3 spoons or fork portions i eat hot, may be 2 hot, 3-rd warm. I don't like my food cold - cold steak is not really appealing to me and cold food which is supposed to be hot is not my kind of fun.

3andnomore Mon 10-Sep-07 13:16:40 food isn't cold after a few bites, lol...

fedda Mon 10-Sep-07 13:41:45

MCKenna's method to make 30 movements in your mouth for each mouthful will make it cold soon enough.

3andnomore Mon 10-Sep-07 13:56:00

hm...I can't remember reading that...or maybe there is more then one book...but in mine he only mentions to put your cutlery down whilest eating a bite and enjoy the food and of course chew well (which I take in actually chew your food...something I often sort of forget when I race my food from fork to mouth in lightspeed....)

fedda Mon 10-Sep-07 14:56:51

oh, it was in his programme shown on TV. There were i think 4 times shows on TV which were very interesting and I liked his humour. It all makes perfect sence but I don't find it practical for me. Even if the whole family decided to follow his system you might end up with 4 or 5 breakfasts, 4 or 5 lunches and 4 or 5 dinners. Everyone might be hungry at a different time or you'll simply have to tell them when you want them to be hungry. Lol

3andnomore Mon 10-Sep-07 15:05:15


nappyneeds Mon 10-Sep-07 22:45:14

taking a jason vale book to bed later to start reading (when I get to bed that is smile)

fedda - will let you know what I find out etc.

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