Husband developed worrying symptom (NOT CORONAVIRUS RELATED)

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Asmoto Sun 15-Mar-20 09:20:49

I just wondered if anyone has experience of this. About 2 weeks ago my husband complained that his scrotum was slightly swollen. We thought nothing of it and waited to see if it would go down (wanting to avoid the doctors at the moment for obvious reasons). However, it's now got much worse - it's huge, as if someone had injected it with water. He's also been suffering from heartburn and a bloated stomach - all over the last two weeks.

I've been Googling, fearing the worst, but testicular cancer seems to be described as presenting in a single testicle rather than the whole scrotum.

He's going to try to get a doctor's appointment tomorrow - surgery does still seem to be open - but if anyone has experience of these symptoms I would be grateful for any insights you could offer.

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InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Sun 15-Mar-20 17:56:35

The swollen scrotum could be a hydrocele or varicocele,but obviously I'm not a doctor, so he needs to get it all checked out.

Asmoto Sun 15-Mar-20 18:01:02

Thanks for your reply - yes, he's hoping to be able to get a doctor's appointment to have it looked at. He thinks it's gone down a bit today but I still think he should get it seen.

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sparklefarts Sun 15-Mar-20 18:14:46

To be honest, I would have been calling 111 to try get an emergency appointment for this over the weekend if it had really got that much bigger

Asmoto Sun 15-Mar-20 19:58:19

Thanks for your reply, sparkle. He's not in pain from it so it would seem wrong (in the current crisis) to tie up 111 - hopefully he can get a 'normal' GP appointment. I'm going to have a look at it myself at bedtime to see if I think it's shrunk at all, but still going to urge him to see doctor. According to Google a doctor can tell a lot by shining a light through the scrotum.

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Borntobeamum Mon 16-Mar-20 11:50:50

Call 111. ASAP

GarlicSoup Mon 16-Mar-20 21:20:56

Crikey call 111 don’t wait.


Asmoto Tue 17-Mar-20 12:21:50

We've been trying 111 and the GP and can't get through to either - message saying 'we can't take your call'. We completed the 111 online questionnaire with all of his symptoms and it directed us to the GP, so we'll have to keep trying there. Swelling is about the same today in testicles but his ankles have swollen up as well now - he feels OK and is up and about as normal which is reassuring. Thanks again for your advice.

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Asmoto Tue 17-Mar-20 12:29:29

Just as I wrote that he finally got through - they are operating triage system & a doctor will call him back. Phew!

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Asmoto Tue 17-Mar-20 16:14:58

He's seen the doctor and they're arranging an ultrasound and urology appointment - fingers crossed it's something easily treated. At least they are not treating it as something urgent because he's not been given a timescale for the referral. Thanks again for the advice.

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