Anyone else not able to take morphine?

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Soontobe60 Sun 15-Mar-20 04:59:28

Yesterday I had an operation on my knee to repair a torn cartilage. Keyhole surgery, day case. I was in theatre by 8 am and back on the day ward by 10. When I was in recovery the nurse asked me about my pain level, and asked me if I wanted pain relief. It was extremely sore so I said yes. Turns out he gave me morphine, just before I was sent back on the ward, plus an anti sickness injection as I had said that after a previous anaesthetic I was very sick. Almost instant pain relief. Back on the ward after about 10 minutes I began vomiting. I had extreme dizziness and couldn't even bear to open my eyes. Couldn't eat or drink. My bp shot through the roof and my heart started beating erratically. Ended up having an EEG which was fine.
This lasted 6 hours! All this time my DH was in the waiting room. No visitors allowed on the ward, which I understand.
Eventually I was admitted for obs overnight because of the bp. By around midnight it all settled down and I could eat a bit. I now feel absolutely fine.
Has anyone else had such a reaction to morphine? If I needed strong pain relief in future, what could I have that wouldn't give me such an extreme reaction?

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user1497873278 Sun 15-Mar-20 06:35:24

I am allergic to morphine there are so many drugs I can’t have like pethodine when I have an op or need pain meds in hospital it takes a lot of faffing about but have had couple of ops now and have been in recently for severe pain and there are alternatives

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