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Fractured femur

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rydercup Sat 08-Sep-07 09:36:04

My 4.5 year old fell off his bike and broke his femur on bank holiday monday. He had an operation on the friday and is now back home. He is pretty much wheelchair bound however he has a little green frame which we are trying to encourage him to use for hopping along. As you can imagine this is very difficult for all of us... he is struggling with frustration and pain (although the latter gets better everyday!....Having lots of meltdowns because he is fed up (all completely understandable). Anybody got any personal stories of dealing with this and advice on how to get through the next 6 weeks (not allowed to weight bear for this amount of time!). We are saturated out with clolouring, games, making things, moonsand, hama beads.... you name it we've got it!!!

foxinsocks Sat 08-Sep-07 18:15:22

omg you poor thing (and poor him!). What a bone to break!

have you let him discover the world of cbeebies on the computer? that might keep him absorbed for a bit

is he still on pain meds?

expatinscotland Sat 08-Sep-07 18:36:09


Poor soul.

Hope he mends soon.

oxocube Sat 08-Sep-07 18:51:56

Poor him (and you!) My only personal expeience of a fractured femur is my brother, now aged 36. When he was 2, he broke his femur trying to skip with me and a friend. Was worse for my mum I think as she was in hospital with him for 2 weeks and then he came home and basically had to learn to walk again.

Then when my brother was 5, he broke the same leg in the same place playing football. This was really bad as my mum had just lost her father a month earlier, we were on holiday with her mum (my granny) who was a wreck, as was my mum and had been at the holiday camp for only 2 hours when my brother slipped on wet grass and ended up in a local hospital 100 miles from our home. Mum understandably had a breakdown.

Maybe for your ds, things like a laptop if you have one, would relieve the boredom and make things easier for you. Do you have friends or family who live close by who could give you a well deserved break?

If its any consolation, my brother can't remember any of this - the pain or the discomfort or the boredom smile

rydercup Sat 08-Sep-07 19:23:40

Thanks all for replying! Had not considered the computer....will defo get that set up downstairs. Had a traumatic afternoon as his plasters needed taking off and changing that were covering the incision points on his leg... took over an hour of coaxing and screaming... this is sooooo hard!!!! I just hope as Oxocube says the time goes quickly and he has little memory of it... what a bone to break eh!! The hospital sent us home with Neurofen and paracetomol...doses no different from that you give them for the common cold though.....seems odd!? My in laws live next door but one which is proving invaluable... not least to help with the 2.5 year old who is also struggling with all this - changes in routine etc......ahhh well....onwards and upwards as I always say!

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