Any podiatrists about?

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Ohmymg Wed 11-Mar-20 19:47:29

Had nail removal surgery in October last year, with the acidy thing on to stop regrow this. This was following an accident a year prior whereby the nail had to be taken off.

I think it’s growing back, but my podiatrist said it wasn’t. Somethings growing there and I need to know whether I need to a)go back or b) go elsewhere

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 13-Mar-20 21:09:49

Podiatrist (NHS)

There's an 80% success rate with a PNA/TNA ( Partial Nail Avulsion/Total Nail Avulsion)

So there is a 20% failure rate ,usually a spike in one or both sulci.

Or - it could be a hard skin, Once the nail is avulsed an healed , the nail bed will form a callus to protect it .
Try a soft toothbrush to clear after soaking then rub in some Vaseline . If it's skin, it'll soften. If not then it's likely nail.

Regrowth is more likely if there is an abnormal nail (like after damage) , scar tissue which holds the nail cells , heavy bleeding (there shouldn't be if the tourniquet works ) , not enough nail removed and a portion remains , the Phenol not being applied long enough (usually 3x1minute or 6 x30 seconds)

If it is nail, go back. The operation wasn't a success and you should have to option to have a remedial surgery .
Good Luck.

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