Lump in mouth, feel like I'm running in circles.

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abitshitsorry Wed 11-Mar-20 15:36:43

So I'm 23. About 6 months ago noticed a lump in my mouth it's about 1cm stuck to my jaw on the inside of my mouth and the next day lost all Hearing in one ear for a week. Went gp and they said there was no infection of blockage in my ear so they didn't really know. Couldn't feel the lump in my mouth so I went to the dentist and they took an X-ray said they could feel the lump then told me to go to the doctors so I did and they said they could feel it but as it was in an area attached to the jaw it would be the dentists job. Went back to the dentists, they had the X-ray back and said they couldn't see anything on the X-ray but there was something there so referred me to the hospital where I had 2 more X-rays and they said the same thing and referred me for an ultra sound. Nobody has given me any information. I don't know whether the lack or news is good or bad but I feel like I'm just running around and everyone gives a concerned face without any thing said

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Grouphugs Wed 11-Mar-20 15:49:11

Ask for an ENT referral.

DishRanAwayWithTheSpoon Wed 11-Mar-20 20:29:27

The hospital can't give you any answers because they don't have any. Unfortunately you need to wait for the ultrasound results. Nobody can give you information they don't have

Passing you from Dr to dentist isn't good, however you are seeing people now that can help you.

Obviously I haven't seen you, but I really doubt it's anything to worry about. If the hospital thought it was anything serious there wouldn't be all this waiting, it's been there a while and there's not been much change.

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