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BritInBrisbane1986 Wed 11-Mar-20 04:12:28

I live in Australia and my mum is flying to Brisbane in May to meet her granddaughter also due in May.
In Australia everyone in contact with a newborn is strongly encouraged to get a whooping cough booster. However my parents have claimed they have been informed it’s not necessary and not offered in the uk at all to anyone except the pregnant mother.I wondered if this is true or what the process is in the uk both nhs and private.
Thank you! smile

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MyFartWillGoOn Wed 11-Mar-20 05:00:25

This is indeed true from my experience

I had the vaccine when pregnant and DD is now 2 months. He's just had his whooping cough booster but myself not any other family have had one...and there is no advice stating they should.

Not sure if this helps??

MyFartWillGoOn Wed 11-Mar-20 05:01:24

That should say 'myself nor any other family'

And he's a DS not DD! Up feeding hence typos!

stopchewingeverything Wed 11-Mar-20 05:56:19

The vaccine isn't recommended in the UK for relatives, just pregnant women so it would be tricky to get outside of a private clinic. It is recommended in Australia for anyone in close contact. It's relatively easy to get in Australia in a pharmacy, maybe they could get it when they land.

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