Sore, itchy rash growing- picture

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littlepeaegg Mon 09-Mar-20 07:36:49

This started off about five days ago- 5p size on the crease of my elbow. Didn't think too much about it...

It's sooo itchy and sore now and just growing. I will book a dr app of course but wondering what it could be?

I have taken antihistamines and itchy relief cream but hasn't worked.

It's raised and little tiny red dots; some have opened by scratching I guess so have yellow heads now.

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jalopy Mon 09-Mar-20 19:52:25

Looks like hives, an allergic reaction to something. Is that a new tattoo?

FanSpamTastic Mon 09-Mar-20 20:35:14

Is it hot - could it be cellulitis?

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