Overactive bladder

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Catminder901 Mon 09-Mar-20 07:35:52

Does anyone have any positive hints of tips for this? I have mixed stress and urge incontinence, but it is the second which causes me the most issues. When I need to go, I need to go IMMEDIATELY and often can't get to a loo in time. If I'm out and there's a queue at the ladies, disaster. A

I have tried bladder retraining (a lot of accidents and little progress) and medications which I had to stop because I was getting a very dry mouth, drinking more and... you can guess the result!

Any tips? I'm only in my 30s and I don't want to be like this forever sad

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thekingfisher Mon 09-Mar-20 07:41:43

Your next step is Botox. You need to go back to your GP and ask for a referral. I've had this for the last 10 years and really does transform symptoms.
Have a google but it's very effective and common now

Catminder901 Mon 09-Mar-20 08:08:52

Thank you! I did ask about this before, but my GP was reluctant to refer me. She said that botox can cause short term urinary retention - I think it was supposed to put me off!

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IamEarthymama Mon 09-Mar-20 17:18:28

I gave up caffeine and it really helped

You have all my sympathy, it's such a debilitating and depressing problem

fluffyjumper Mon 09-Mar-20 17:43:30

I used to be a continence nurse. Have you been referred to your local continence service, you can self refer in alot of areas.
Urge incontinence tips,
When you are at home try to hold off passing urine as long as possible, look up bladder retraining.

Keep your bowel movements regular, constipation effects your bladder.

Avoid caffeine, fizzy drinks, citrus juice, blackcurrant squash, green tea and booze. (Little evidence on the blackcurrant it has worked for some.

Drink enough throughout the day, look up a weight to fluid intake matrix for the recommended amount.

Pelvic floor exercises, the continence service should be able to assess but if not a womens physio can.

Try the drugs again, some people find taking half doses twice a day improved dryness.

Ate your hormones effecting it, contraception, worse when due period.

Rule out urine infections.

Have you had any bladder function tests?

If you get no help there are private continence professionals you can see who are very good.

No one should suffer with continence issues.

fluffyjumper Mon 09-Mar-20 17:44:20

Ps not drinking enough makes your urine irritate the bladder.

comedinewithmefan Mon 09-Mar-20 17:46:57

I piss myself every time watching Charlie and the chocolate factory. It's just too funny!grin


SuddenArborealStop Mon 09-Mar-20 17:52:42

@comedinewithmefan seriously unhelpful comment

GPS often don't take this seriously I've been through a few and various meds and only when I discussed it with a continence nurse post birth she asked what investigations had been done, none, absolutely none, no one cared enough to find a cause.
You need to be your own advocate and push for investigation or pay to go private, i was in my late teens when it started and hadn't the confidence to do it for myself

lyrebird1 Tue 10-Mar-20 12:05:48

I second the referral to the continence service. I use them and found them very helpful. Have you tried Mirabegron? It works differently to the other medications and I don't find that I get the dry mouth with it. However, I do get dry mouth with other medications, and the dry moth spray from Boots is the best thing I have found.

Also, don't feel bad about getting a RADAR key to access disabled toilets. I use mine rarely, but sometimes when there is a huge queue, or the ladies is shut then I will. I got mine at the local library but you should be able to find out online where to find one near you.

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