Has anyone had trigger finger?

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jaded247 Sun 08-Mar-20 18:46:59

I've noticed for a few years now that the base of my right ring finger was a bit raised and not flat like the rest of my fingers. It's never bothered me up until now.

On Friday I was trying to put the rubber seal back on my food processor to use it and then my finger just bent towards my little finger. I was in soo much pain because the finger was stuck in that position. When I pressed it back into place I heard a click noise. Again this afternoon this happened whilst having my hand clenched.

I'm really worried and want to k ow if any MNers have had this issue. What are the treatments and will it get better? I will make an appointment with the GP tomorrow morning.

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jaded247 Sun 08-Mar-20 18:48:41


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Callybrid Sun 08-Mar-20 21:33:50

I had trigger thumb - assuming this is pretty much the same? - a few months after the birth of one of my children - I’d wake up, realise my thumb was stuck at a right angle and have to click it back into position. During the day I often had to manually toggle it in and out of a bent or straight position when it couldn’t bend itself.

The Doctor told me it was quite commonly seen after pregnancy as it’s to do with the immune system and changes to immune system happen during/after pregnancy.

It went away with no treatment - a few years back now so I can’t remember how long that took but I guess I only had it a number of weeks; it took me a little while to get to the Dr but I don’t remember it troubling me for a long while.

Not sure if that is relevant to you if the joint has seemed strange for several years, slightly different situation to me; hopefully you’ll get some helpful/positive advice from Dr.

SapatSea Mon 09-Mar-20 13:10:54

My dad gets this from time to time. He gets a corticosteroid injection near the base of his finger for it.

jaded247 Mon 09-Mar-20 22:00:12

@Callybrid Sounds about right. You don't realise how much your body changes after pregnancy. I want to nip it in the bud before it gets any worse so I'm hopefully gonna see the doctor next week.

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jaded247 Mon 09-Mar-20 22:02:29

@SapatSea Do the steroid injections help for your dad? Really don't want to go down that route. I'm not afraid of needles but don't want it to become a recurring treatment.

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SapatSea Tue 10-Mar-20 08:44:21

The injection seems to take a few days to start giving him relief but of course, it's not a cure and they don't work for everyone. It compeletely resolves things for his friend but just gives my dad some relief. My dad waited for a very long time before seeing a GP about it and it had got constant by that time.I think you are wise to nip it in the bud.

It might just be one of those things. I got terrible painful bursitis round my left elbow (from lifting and carrying babies I think), saw GP, got no treatment and after a month or so (of trying not to carry DC around so much) it went away and it's never recurred.

Good luck


xmaskitkat1967 Tue 10-Mar-20 09:06:35

I have Dupuytren's contracture which causes Trigger Finger (genetic as my dad, aunt and uncle also had it). Last year I had my little finger surgically straightened and I am very pleased with the result. There is no prevention for this so I will just have to deal with each finger on a case by case basis if it happens again.

HaddawayAndShite Tue 10-Mar-20 09:19:03

I don’t but my dad has had this on a few separate occasions. His was quite bad. The injections lessened it for a while but he ended up getting surgery. From what I remember it was a fairly simply procedure, you’re not knocked out and just a small incision in the hand. Swollen and stiff for a few months. I think it worked well for a few years but unfortunately his came back.

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