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Why on earth has my SIL been sent home after operation with OPEN INFECTED WOUND?

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MissesF Fri 07-Sep-07 09:11:24

She had a suspected hernia- which turned out to be a cyst- and as she has had breast cancer -they are examining cyst.

meanwhile she was sent home last saturday with this 3" GAPING HOLE IN HER ABDOMEN...

on monday it began to 'leak' so she went to hospital...they attatched a 'see through' plastic bag and gave her instructions on how to remove it etc when it is full. (YUCK!)

she could't do that- it made her sick just looking at the bag- so she now has to have daily dressings.

SO please tell this normal???

bogwobbit Fri 07-Sep-07 12:06:31

I don't know if it's normal, but it sounds horrible shock
Poor her.

LadyVictoriaOfCake Fri 07-Sep-07 12:13:08

sounds horrible, but also sounds normal to me. but i am used to stuff like that, sorry!

brimfull Fri 07-Sep-07 12:14:14

tbh she's probably safer at home,what with all the mrsa infections in hospital these days.

MissesF Fri 07-Sep-07 16:13:57

i'm 'glad' noone has been alarmed by my's reassuring LVOC that this sounds 'normal' to you- thanks for all your comments.
Touch wood, we've been so lucky in our life- this has made me realise that not everyone leaves hospital 'all stitched up and rearing to go'...i guess in the olden days people stayed in till fully recovered...but not now.

i had my gallbladder out in march, and was home same day- fantastic - except for pain i had the first night...but it used to be a much longer drawn out process- and whereas i was up and about 'normal' after 3 used to be weeks!

i just feel so sorry for my SIL- as she has had the cancer- then she had a hysterectomy - develpoed MRSA (GGirl...!!!!!)- had just got over that and this lump appeared- and because of her cancer history- they have been very cautious this time.

LadyVictoriaOfCake Fri 07-Sep-07 16:40:33

as long as thw wound can heal nicely, then she will be fine. the bag would've helped stop any infection getting it, and also helped it drain. Peter had two attached to his wounds in ITU before they put the VAC pump on, and it wasnt pleasent, i'll admit that, but they do allow the wounds to drain off.

hope she feels better soon. if it starts to smell, or is very sore then she wil need to go back. remember i am not a nurse, just uised to dealing with open wounds.

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