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Hypogonadism - not mine :)

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tribpot Thu 06-Sep-07 20:59:26

I should prob name change for this, but dh has some blood tests to do tomorrow for 'query hypogonadism'. Does anyone have any experience?

I've wikied and his symptoms are convincing, although it's probably been caused by an excessive amount of time on controlled drugs.

Budababe Thu 06-Sep-07 21:14:13

No experience but I googled and it brought up 2 areas of concern for me!

1 - DS (now 6) had an undescended testicle operated on when he was 3 - seems ok now but AFAIK (must check) they are quite small. I worry for his future.

2 - DH. No sex drive - haven't had sex for 12 years. Infertile (DS was IVF). Overweight (but so am I and could be down to too much food and drink and no exercise!). Has sort of got breasts but could just be fat. Male pattern baldness but very hairy elsewhere. I wonder should I try to persuade him to go to doc.

What made your DH go to doc in first place?

tribpot Fri 07-Sep-07 07:01:38

Buda - dh is chronically ill so this is just part of the fun we have to endure. He was referred to endocrinology from the pain clinic because the consultant there was concerned about potential damage to his hormones from a prolonged period on liquid morphine.

dh had an undescended testicle, operated on when he was young. But our ds was conceived naturally (not having much luck second time around).

Has your dh tried anything for his sex drive, like viagra?

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