Oh my god I feel horrific

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IanHislopForPm Fri 06-Mar-20 01:52:04

I've got some serious aches, it feels like I've run a marathon my arms, legs, fingers (?), neck and chest muscles/ joints are so sore. No temperature, checked with an ear thermometer and got 36.8 in one ear and 37.9 in the other hmmconfused I'm off work tomorrow and I think I'll be staying in bed! I do have uti type symptoms started earlier and then the aches set in. I just feel rotten and want a pity party anyone want to join?

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HighNetGirth Fri 06-Mar-20 02:01:38

Commiserations! I was like this last week, plus hideous sinus headache, snot tsunami and a cough. Nothing works except rest really.

Ilovesausages Fri 06-Mar-20 02:02:11

Oh that’s how I feel. I feel awful and so achy.

And tomorrow I’m supposed to be going away with my daughter for a long weekend sad

IanHislopForPm Fri 06-Mar-20 02:05:55

@Ilovesausages it's shit isn't it? 😭

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IanHislopForPm Fri 06-Mar-20 02:06:18

@HighNetGirth tell me it doesn't last!

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Ilovesausages Fri 06-Mar-20 02:08:09

Yes so shit, I feel like crying.

HighNetGirth Fri 06-Mar-20 02:11:02

I had 3 pretty awful and uncomfortable days with it then I started to recover.
Keep yourselves dosed with painkillers and get plenty of rest.


Lynda07 Fri 06-Mar-20 02:18:14

Flu is horrific, I dread it having had it at least four times in my life.
It will pass but take it easy, don't go back to work too soon.

eaglejulesk Fri 06-Mar-20 03:16:48

flowers brew Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. Hope you are soon feeling much better.

Feelinggrim Fri 06-Mar-20 09:28:37

Oh God I empathise. This hit me out of nowhere and I'm properly floored. I can't get my temp below 38 and today I feel like I'm melting. Day 3 now. I'm hoping it disappears as fast as it arrived.

fairyfingers Fri 06-Mar-20 12:55:07

Ohhhh me too. Day 3 for me and feeling a tiny bit more human but only a tiny bit. Did a couple of hours of work (in bed, on laptop, not down t'pit) and I am exhausted!

hopeishere Fri 06-Mar-20 13:04:13

Me too!! Cold and achey. No temp though.

IanHislopForPm Fri 06-Mar-20 14:04:11

I've been in bed all day. I have no plans on getting up any time soon sad

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winterisstillcoming Fri 06-Mar-20 14:06:10

Sounds like the onset of flu.
It's rubbish.

Paracetamol, hydration, snacks, rest.

Get well soon

Feelinggrim Fri 06-Mar-20 15:24:03

DH has been in to wake me up to drink some water. Temp finally seems settled, just sore everywhere. Can't get up sore.

Peanutbutteryogurt Fri 06-Mar-20 15:26:29

DP and I both had this during the week, my mum and sister also had it. Honestly my body feels like its been hit by a car, I couldn't get out of bed yesterday. Luckily it seems to be relatively short lived as I feel fragile today but able to get things done.

nearlyfinished1moreyear Fri 06-Mar-20 15:30:57

There is a virus going about (not Corona). My sister's had it in both ears which have been treated with antibiotics.

Two nights ago my lb also started with the same thing; sore ear, flu symptoms, high temp and some vomiting. He is on the mend today tho. Hopefully it won't last too long, just try and get as much rest as possible flowers

Feelinggrim Sat 07-Mar-20 00:20:36

Oh man. My temperature has returned and isn't shifting. I feel like I'm going to evaporate. I'm quietly waiting for tomorrow in the vain hope this just gives up on day 4.

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