Cracked hands!

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daff06115 Thu 05-Mar-20 22:23:23

So my hands are a mess after extra handwashing. What works to moisturise but also sort the cuts out?

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BookMeOnTheSudExpress Thu 05-Mar-20 22:25:48

A strong no nonsense cream.
Neutrogena, Weleda Skin Food, Aveeno, the workers hands one in the green tub.
You shouldn't be scrubbing your hands so much they bleed though!

doctoralice Thu 05-Mar-20 22:32:39

Thanks- I'll look out for those.

My skin is just super thin sad

BookMeOnTheSudExpress Thu 05-Mar-20 22:34:41

My fave is the Weleda (I slap it on my face as well) but some people don't like the herby smell. I find it comforting somehow and it def works!

ByeByeMissAmericanPie Thu 05-Mar-20 22:35:19

Try Eucerin or Aveeno cream. Or one with cocoa butter.

Footle Fri 06-Mar-20 18:12:53

Hand sanitiser as used in hospitals can cause small cuts in your hands , making them sting like mad if you go on using it.

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