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Ingrown toe nail?? Not sure....

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warmsummersday Thu 06-Sep-07 19:22:24

Hi. Im not sure about this. The inside of my big toe is swollen and been VERY painful for the past day, I can actually feel the pressure building up. Last night I cleaned the underneath of the nail with a wooden cuticle thing and went down the edge which made it sore but thought might help. Today it's been really throbbing and tonight I stuck a needle in the side and a load of puss (sorry) came out and the presure was released. It is abit sore still, think from the swelling but think I got all the puss out now. I have been soaking in salt water and put antiseptic on. The nail hasn't grown into the skin though. I did wear a dodgy pair of shoes yesterday which didn't help! Thanks

MrsBadger Thu 06-Sep-07 19:34:35

sounds like you're doing all the right things - what would you like us to suggest? hmm

christywhisty Thu 06-Sep-07 19:54:31

Also get magnesium sulphate paste from the chemist. Put some on cotton wool and strap to the toe over the ingrowing bit. It will draw out the puss.

warmsummersday Thu 06-Sep-07 20:02:32

Thanks for the info christywhisty! Never had an ingrown toe nail before so wasn't sure if it was or not. Hopefully now I have got most of the puss out it will heal.

Meglet Fri 07-Sep-07 20:49:19

I had one years ago and hobbled to the chiropodist. He didn't mess about and just cut off the bit that was in-growing and put some stuff on it. The pain went straight away. Cost about £30 but worth it to get it sorted. Hope yours is better soon.

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