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Magneticred Thu 05-Mar-20 00:06:07

Thank you for the reply smile. I've never had mine checked that I can remember though GP has seen then when I've been for checks before. Will definitely get it checked but feel a bit better it can happen so thank you smile

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WorraLiberty Wed 04-Mar-20 23:58:59

My back and part of my chest is covered in moles ( I have them regularly checked ).

I've had a few that have sort of 'dried up and dropped off', although sometimes they're considered as 'skin tags'. A few actual moles that I've caught with a hairbrush or bra strap have become 'unstable' at one side and healed 'wonky' but the GP has checked them and they've all been fine.

I really wouldn't panic as I've always been told by my GP that moles that look as though they've been 'stuck on' opposed to the ones that look like freckles, are generally the ones that cause the least problems.

Magneticred Wed 04-Mar-20 23:53:38

I have had a mole on my neck for as long as I can remember I'm late 30s now. It's always been same colour and raised.
Had a shower tonight and when drying my neck i caught it with my necklace. I looked in the mirror and it seems to have shrunk at the back where it's attached to my skin and now looks like a bubble type of skin tag. It's a bit sore now as prodded it a bit to try and see how it's changed. It hasn't grown wider or changed colour but neck is a bit red at moment I think from me messing about with it.
Can mole's fall off? Is it normal I'm panicking a bit and now can't sleep. I will arrange to see GP tomorrow.

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