High Potassium

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Eileen63 Wed 04-Mar-20 16:31:24

Hello. After years of lurking on the sidelines, this is my first ever post. I am not a medic, although medicine is a subject close to my heart, and I have a huge interest in it. Despite this, I am slightly at a loss and am looking for advice. My eighty year old mother has high potassium levels. Five blood tests so far ranging between 5.9 to 6.2. (The last two tests have been at 6.2). All other kidney function indicators in normal range. She is fit and active. She is on Atenolol ( a beta blocker that apparently doesn't increase potassium levels) and 75mg aspirin since a heart attack some thirty years ago (caused, they believed at the time, by arterial spasm as opposed to an actual blockage). Going by the current NICE guidelines 6.2 puts her in the Moderate range, and the suggestion is to review medication and to modify diet. After two weeks of reducing all potassium rich food, the level is still 6.2. The doctors at her practice are busy (obviously!) and so she is not receiving a great deal of reassurance on this one. I would just like to know how long they might continue to monitor like this, and whether anyone out there might have any advice or experience they could share with me. Thank you.

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