I have a small (4mm) MCA brain aneurysm...

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DanglySpider Wed 04-Mar-20 15:05:36

which I know is not life threatening, and only 1% chance of it ever 'blowing', but today the eyesight in my left eye is a little worse - finding it very difficult to focus on stuff and have mainly kept it closed. Only a very mild headache, been dizzy a lot on standing (and a bit sitting) - am I just tired and getting over this throat bastard thing (which was at it's worst at the weekend), or ought I go and get checked out tomorrow? I hate bugging the surgery unnecessarily.

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HollowTalk Wed 04-Mar-20 15:06:46

Get it checked immediately! Phone the surgery - they should fit you in for that.

Ryah1 Wed 01-Apr-20 21:34:12

Hope you are ok? I hope you don’t mind but I have recently been told that I may have a small brain aneurism also. If you are well , would it be ok if I can ask you a few questions? Totally understand if you would prefer not to. smile

Borntobeamum Fri 03-Apr-20 08:25:54

Any update Danglyspider

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