Colonic irrigation to help bloating. Anyone had this?

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trumpisaflump Wed 04-Mar-20 22:09:02

@Natuk I know it's awful! I have actually lost weight with it as my stomach feels so full I find it hard to eat. Now you mention it maybe omeprazole is slightly helping. My problem is I started going gluten and lactose free and started taking digestive enzymes and omeprazole all at the same time so I don't really know which one is helping!
I'll maybe take omeprazole for another month to see if it helps. Thanks for replying!

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Natuk Wed 04-Mar-20 22:00:15

It’s awful with the bloating, I really feel for you. I couldn’t even wear a bra, as I was so bloated and uncomfortable.

Give Omeprazole another month, hopefully it might do the trick. Taken 4/5 weeks for Lansoprazole to work and seem to be working. Plus eating healthy. I read that gastritis could take weeks or months to heal apparently.

Really hope you get the bottom of your bloating. All the best!

trumpisaflump Wed 04-Mar-20 21:24:58

Hi @Natuk yes I'm on omeprazole but I really only want to take it for a month or two for various reasons-I don't have any symptoms like heartburn so feel it's unnecessary. I think low gastric acid is fairly common with an underactive thyroid which contributes to a sluggish digestion. Also PPIs can cause Vit B12 and magnesium deficiency due to lowering gastric acids. Plus I've been taking it for a month and my bloating is still as bad as ever! It's awful!

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Natuk Wed 04-Mar-20 18:45:59

Mild Gastritis, are you on medication for it like Lansoprazole or Omeprazole? Are you bloated all the time? In pain? Lost appetite?

I have been on Lansoprazole since middle of January as my GP suspected Gastritis and blood tests came back normal, it’s all started since I had the Flu/Chest infection/sickness before Christmas. Lansoprazole has really help with my upper right abdomen bloating, I am not in pain when I eat anymore. Still get occasionally bloating when I eat too much dairy, triggered my bloating. I only recently got my appetite back.

Have you consider doing the low FODMAP diet?

I am waiting for Ultrasound/CT Scan, and last resort is endoscopy but with a rare condition I don’t know if they will give me one. Unless they will put me under general.

Good luck!

trumpisaflump Wed 04-Mar-20 07:07:42

Thanks. I don't know whether to go for it or not! I don't know if I can bear it.

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RedGal Wed 04-Mar-20 06:35:00

I've had it a couple of times. I definitely felt better afterwards. Less bloated and lighter. I have a sluggish digestive system so it helped.

isthispuddinoramalang Wed 04-Mar-20 06:23:42

Sorry, never had this but I remember lots of articles years ago- Princess Diana was a fan, I believe, though I think that was for weight loss more than health. Good luck, and let us know how effective it is.


trumpisaflump Tue 03-Mar-20 22:31:32


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trumpisaflump Tue 03-Mar-20 20:29:43

OK since October last year I've had the most uncomfortable abdominal bloating ever. I feel like there's a brick in my stomach and I'm finding it hard to eat. I'm thin, size 6-8 but my stomach has expanded so much I look 9 months pregnant. I eat well and drink lots of water. I saw my GP when it began and he checked my bloods to rule out ovarian cancer. Luckily negative but he picked up I had an underactive thyroid (TSH of 69). I started levothyroxine for this but my bloating remained. My thyroid results are now normal.
I've done the following-
Pregnancy test-negative
Peppermint oil capsules-crap
Simeticone gel-crap
Laxatives-worked a little but still bloated
Had an endoscopy which showed very mild gastritis, negative for HPylori and I'm waiting on coeliac results from a biopsy.
CT scan of my abdomen and pelvis-normal.
I've gone gluten free for the last 6 weeks since my biopsy with very little difference.
I've cut out lactose in the last two weeks which has helped a bit but still bloated.

I got the Liz Earle Good Gut Guide book and it mentioned colonics may be good to cleanse the gut before starting to eat more fermented foods to improve the gut microbiome. So I've booked one for tomorrow and I'm now regretting it! Has anyone had this and would you advise I got it?

Thanks for reading this far!

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