can tinnitus be caused just by eustachian tubes being a bit crap?

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thereisfreedomwithin Tue 03-Mar-20 17:53:08

I've got mild tinnitus and I'm wondering whether it is the untreatable kind that you mostly hear about or whether there might be something I can do about it.

It only happens for about 10 seconds every so often. If I'm out and about I don't even notice it. I notice it more if I'm in bed,etc.

It is always associated with the sensation of one ear/nostril slightly opening and the other slightly closing - a switch of pressure. My understanding is that this is a real "thing" and is called the nasal cycle.

My eustachian tubes are nothing to write home about and I'm on Avamys all the time for perennial allergic rhinitus.

I'm just wondering whether I just have to reconcile myself to "having tinnitus" or whether in fact this is just a physical contact that's going on during the nasal cycle.

any thoughts appreciated.

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