Tooth filling - face numb 5 hrs later

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loopykay Tue 03-Mar-20 16:01:38

I had a deep filling redone this morning at 11.15, it went well and wasn't painful, more uncomfortable having to keep my mouth open for an hour. Now 5 hrs later I have pain in the tooth but my cheek and lip are still like rubber, I have a lopsided smile and can't drink properly yet. I thought the local anaesthetic would of worn off by now. I had a tooth out 2 years ago and I clearly remember the anaesthetic had worn off before I got home!

Anyone experienced a local anaesthetic lasting this long?

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Babdoc Tue 03-Mar-20 16:09:41

It depends which local anaesthetic agent the dentist used, OP. Lignocaine rarely lasts longer than an hour or two, but Articaine can give you up to eight hours, which is blissful for things like difficult wisdom tooth extractions!

loopykay Tue 03-Mar-20 16:32:43

I don't know which one they used. It tasted vile but I hardly felt the injections which was a relief. It was quite a deep filling to replace. I've had extractions before including wisdom teeth but have never experienced this before. I wonder if keeping my mouth wide open for so long did something. I was asked many times to open wider but I couldn't open any further.

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20viona Tue 03-Mar-20 16:33:55

Was it on the lower jaw? If so it will be a block which lasts ages it should wear off soon though.

loopykay Tue 03-Mar-20 16:35:42

No it was on the top, the last but back tooth.

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