Loop Recorder Query - Intense Pain When Implanted

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Sterristripoff Mon 02-Mar-20 22:34:16

Posted in Chat but reposting here as seems more suited to this topic.

I had a loop recorder fitted last week. It was incredibly painful to have implanted even though I was told it would be painless. (It made me scream out in pain). I am worried that it may have been fitted in the wrong place? The Doctor who fitted it was very dismissive of my concerns.

But now I’m on day 4 and as advised have removed the dressing. The incision is still covered in Steri-Strips but I can’t see or feel the recorder at all. I was warned that due to my small frame I would be able to see and feel it. This is adding to my anxiety that it’s been implanted somewhere it shouldn’t have been. Can this happen or is just the Sterri-Strips covering the visible/ palpable bump I was warned I would have

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