My friend is having all her Molars removed - how can I help?

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anxioustoothfairy Mon 02-Mar-20 08:31:34

Friend needs to have a lot of extractions over two appointments and I've offered to take the day off to take her there and back.

She's having all her molars removed one side at a time, has anyone else had this who could recommend what helped in the aftermath?

I got as far as a bag of ice cubes, naice squash and a straw, and painkillers obviously.

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MotherOfAllNameChanges Mon 02-Mar-20 08:33:24

Make some home made soups for her to eat over the next week or 2?

PRL73 Mon 02-Mar-20 08:35:26

Not a straw! It always sounds like it would be ideal and a big help but they increase the risk of dry socket. I think. Google it and check but I’m pretty sure a straw is a no no 🙂

I’ve had wisdom teeth out and it’s actually okay. Just painkillers and maybe a nap or two! Make sure she gets some extra cotton packing to bite down on in case the bleeding starts again

anxioustoothfairy Mon 02-Mar-20 08:40:28

@PRL73 great tip thank you! I've heard of dry socket before but it hadn't crossed my mind

@MotherOfAllNameChanges will add soup to the list too

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StillNotANewUser Mon 02-Mar-20 08:42:38

Yes straws are a no-no.

Soup's a bit disappointing because it's a few days until you're allowed anything warmer than lukewarm.

I'd suggest some nice yoghurt, milkshakes maybe rice pudding. I also soaked rice crispies in milk until I could just swallow them. Basically, cold mashed potato, scrambled egg and mashed banana gets very old very quickly!

But on day1 it's basically all about the painkillers so just a reminder to drink water and alternate ibuprofen and paracetamol every 2 hours will be most important.

delilabell Mon 02-Mar-20 08:43:57

A magazine to read when she's waiting to go in /back at home.
When I have teeth removed (because I'm a wimp) I have things downloaded to listen too so I can't hear what's happening.
You are so kind helping her out. I had to get the his home after mine! grin

picklemewalnuts Mon 02-Mar-20 08:52:47

Tinned custard! Lovely to eat cold, when you've a sore mouth.


Judystilldreamsofhorses Mon 02-Mar-20 22:12:51

I had a molar our a few years back, and the advice I was given was just to avoid hot things until the numbing wore off, in case you couldn’t feel how hot something was and scalded your mouth. My appointment was 10.30am, and I was drinking tea as normal a couple of hours later with no ill effects, and had a normal dinner, just avoiding chewing in that area. (That was just one tooth though, so probably different.)

My top tip is slow release ibuprofen, which lasts 12 hours. I took it at 10am and 10pm for a couple of days, and the first day took paracetamol on top. Boots sell it on the shelf, you don’t need to ask the pharmacist.

Not remotely practical, but my DP brought home a big bunch of flowers that evening to cheer me up. I was really nervous the day before, and he also got me a load of trashy magazines to try and distract me and stop my endless googling. I had ordered myself a little present from Space NK too, which the postman brought just after I got home - I am like a ridiculous child and needed a “reward”!

BrigidSt Mon 02-Mar-20 22:15:52

Trifle, custard, fruit purees and cream, jelly. Egg custards. Jersey milk. Soft wet, nourishing mush thats not bitty and can be swallowed without chewing.

iknowimcoming Mon 02-Mar-20 22:34:48

Clove oil, tastes disgusting but is miraculous for numbing pain

Watto1 Mon 02-Mar-20 22:37:17

When I had my wisdom teeth out, I wasn’t allowed anything hot or anything cold. Room temperature food and drink only, so definitely no ice cubes. Straws were also banned.

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