Granuloma annulare

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RaspberryMctriple Sun 01-Mar-20 13:23:07

Has anyone any experience of this? I've had a strange ring pattern on the top of my foot for years following damaging the skin (friction burn). I assumed it was a scar but I have a second ring above it and they seem to have got bigger. I just thought it was the scar to be honest as I don't pay too much attention to it but its changed a bit recenetly (as in over the ladt year) and seems bigger and more prominent. I was planning on having a tattoo to cover it thinking it was a scar but when I saw the tattooist they said it was a bit of a strange scar so I've ended up doing a Google and it is indeed not a scar..... it seems to be not serious and I'll try and see Dr next week about it but NHS website seems to think it's rare and would normally clear itself rather than hang around for years. Anyone come across this before? Still keen to have the tattoo but might not be a good idea if it's irritated akin rather than a scar.

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