Should I be concerned about this Spot?

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user1473452378 Sun 01-Mar-20 11:59:09

Ive had this pimple type spot in my hairline for about 6 weeks that doesnt seem to go.
It doesnt itch or bleed. Not sure what it is and not sure if i should be worried.

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LuluJakey1 Sun 01-Mar-20 22:56:46

The photo is too blurry to see anything.

Lizzibell Sun 01-Mar-20 23:31:36

Possibly an ingrown hair shaft? I've had them before and they freak me out because all of a sudden there is a thing that I didn't notice before, and after digging around for a long time I find a big old ingrown hair.

But as lulujakey1 has said, it's very blurry

PixieDustt Sun 01-Mar-20 23:53:45

I'd get it checked for reassurance

MrsEricBana Sun 01-Mar-20 23:55:39

Doesn't look at all dodgy to me BUT go to GP if you at all unsure.

SunshineMoon100 Fri 06-Mar-20 13:40:57

Thanks for the replies didnt realise how blurry pic actually was.

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