How do you get on top of anxiety?

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MissPoldark Wed 26-Feb-20 08:46:06

Just that really!
I haven’t slept properly for weeks and worry it’s making me physically ill, which makes me even more anxious. I’m trapped in a vicious circle , help!
I’m trying exercising and yoga. Getting fresh air every day.
I got some Bach rescue remedy pastilles but not sure they’ve done anything.

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MissPoldark Wed 26-Feb-20 09:48:14

Can anyone help please?

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gamerchick Wed 26-Feb-20 09:55:42

Beta blockers. Get your physical symptoms under control. They're as and when not like ADs.

Are you worried about anything in particular or is it just generalised?

Shitsngiggles79 Wed 26-Feb-20 10:00:10

I got myself to the doctors and am on citilopram, I lost six months last year to it as I'd left it too late and it literally made me housebound. I'm back at work, still suffer but know a panic attack is just a passing feeling and will go away. I was having panic attacks last year just sitting on the sofa.

I used all mental health avenues offered to me, saw a MIND counselor at the GP surgery, downloaded relaxation aps and accessed a stress management course with my local NHS MH provision, this course was what helped the most coupled with the meds, the course helped me understand the panic and as it was a group I could see so many people felt the same as me I knew I wasn't alone, anxiety makes you feel so isolated but knowing everyone in that room (100ish) had all felt the same as me before going in there.

Please see the GP, you may not want meds but look at them as a crutch for your mind. And know you're not alone.

Shitsngiggles79 Wed 26-Feb-20 10:02:38

Should also add I'm diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety so anything and everything worries me but I'm able to minimise it.

MissPoldark Wed 26-Feb-20 10:13:17

I’ve been anxious for a while about a health problem in the main, but this coronavirus stuff on top of that seems to have tipped me over the edge.

I’ve suffered with palpitations for years and have been offered beta blockers for that but never used them apart from once prior to a heart CT.

I feel it would help if I could at least sleep. I usually sleep really well but haven’t done for the past few weeks

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Ihatemyseleffordoingthis Wed 26-Feb-20 10:20:50

I have GAD - this time last year it was utterly paralysing and debilitating

What helped me most was the idea of not fighting it, but accepting it.

I liked this book by the I quit sugar woman

Exercise, fresh air is non negotiable for keeping it at bay but the idea of sitting with the anxiety, rather than chastising myself for having it, was so helpful.

RE sleep. I get up and drink herbal tea, read a book. Nytol. A small stash of sleeping tablets that I don't use but because I know I have them available to me, reduces the anxiety. See also the fresh air and exercise.


Alpacathebag Wed 26-Feb-20 10:26:42

Medication and counselling long term are what has helped me. I've been told it's generalised anxiety disorder and also c-ptsd.

Also remember you haven't died from a panic attack you won't die from a panic attack. They are not fatal. It's a feeling and it will pass.

Have you tried mindfulness? If you can practice being "in the moment" as it were, then you can use that technique to ground yourself during a panic attack. It helps me if I can gain a bit of perspective using mindfulness I.e. "the time is 10.25am on 26th February 2020. I am securely sat on a chair with both feet on the ground. I can see x I can hear y and I can smell z. I am ok."

Egghead68 Wed 26-Feb-20 11:41:06

Try the Headspace app for Mindfulness.

Self-refer to IAPT for talking therapy.

Regular intense cardiovascular exercise (pretty guaranteed to feel more relaxed afterwards).

ChittyChittyBoomBoom Wed 26-Feb-20 12:41:08

Self refer for talking therapy and propanapol (beta blockers). The propanapol has been an absolute game changer for me, I’d recommend dis usding them with your gp. For me, they slow everything down (thoughts and heart rate) and allow me a break from catastrophising.

RhodaCamel Wed 26-Feb-20 13:35:25

I suffer the same as you MissPoldark, the lack of sleep makes things so much worse. I have generalised anxiety and health anxiety. I was doing ok but the coronavirus has made it ramp up an notch again. I have had CBT which helped for a while and I am on the waiting list for a ‘top up’. I am thinking of trying beta blockers.

Likefootball Wed 26-Feb-20 13:39:49

You need to see your GP, I don't think you'll beat this without some kind of medication.

copperoliver Wed 26-Feb-20 13:48:43

Hi I have the same problem. I take kalms and spray my pillow with lavender pillow spray. I also use lush sleepy lotion really helps.
I avoid caffeine, chocolate and other stimulants and if feeling very bad have a camomile tea before bed too. X

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