Have I lost my sense of taste and smell forever?

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AmyyLouise Tue 25-Feb-20 18:51:10

So I've had a cold, and I think my sinuses have been effected. I've not been able to taste or smell now for 8 days. Will it come back? And how long will it take if so? Has anyone else had the same thing and regained there smell/taste?

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Spodge Wed 26-Feb-20 15:57:09

Yes, it will come back. It's happened to me before - I think the longest time I have had to wait was about 2 weeks.

Haworthia Wed 26-Feb-20 15:59:26

Of course you haven’t. I had a hideous virus a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t smell or taste a thing even once my sinuses finally unblocked. Don’t be so dramatic grin

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