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elderlee Tue 25-Feb-20 18:31:29

This is my first post here. I am 21 and I have no children.

I had a few urinary tract infections back to back when I was 18-19. Since then I have suffered with severe incontinence. Not just peeing a bit, but fully emptying a full bladder without being able to stop at all. It has already happened a few times outside my home but luckily no one has noticed but I am so scared where it will happen next, for instance in a shop or something. It is a lot worse when I am on my period.
I just really wanted some advice, I talked to my GP about a year ago and they said it's because of the UTIs that I had, but they've stopped now I don't know why and I feel well in myself. They did refer me for an ultrasound which I had at hospital to check there was no infection in my kidneys and they were clear. Has anyone suffered from this? I am only 21 and I don't want to be like this my whole life but I am fearing that I might be.

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TDL2016 Wed 26-Feb-20 14:36:23

I think you need to go back to your GP and push for further investigations. That’s the only advice I can offer.

vixb1 Wed 26-Feb-20 15:48:14

Please go back to your GP. You can't live like that. Don't let them fob you off! Don't leave until you have a plan in place! :-)

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