Colposcopy no abnormal cells

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TheGirlFromStoryville Tue 25-Feb-20 05:25:39

I've had this. Had lletz treatment for cin3 about 12 years ago, all clear after that then in 2017 smear showed hpv but no abnormal cells. Same in 2018, and 2019, so was called for colposcopy.
Basically it's just to double check that they haven't missed anything untoward.
When I had mine in September she said everything looked fine, she took some biopsies just to be certain. I waited about 2 weeks (seemed like forever) for the results which were normal.
I have my next smear in the colp clinic in September this year.

I'm 46 and the colp nurse said it's extremely common in women in their 40s, as your immune system isn't as strong as when you're younger to fight off hpv.

Give the colp clinic a call if you have any queries - staff are lovely and very reassuring.

worriedmama16 Tue 25-Feb-20 04:37:50

Not sure, I'll have a proper look and maybe call them

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purpleboy Mon 24-Feb-20 22:27:39

I've been having these for the past few years. But I've always been told there were abnormal cells?
Is there a phone number on the letter you can call and ask them directly?

worriedmama16 Mon 24-Feb-20 20:59:01

Ive had hpv for my last 2 smears.
No abnormal cells but have been asked to go for a colposcopy, how common is this??
I'm a little concerned, I've had no symptoms but did have lletz treatment almost 20 years ago?
Wasn't aware that no abnormal cells warranted further treatment.

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