Does this look dodgy?

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Ilovemycatssomuch Mon 24-Feb-20 19:44:46

You can’t really see it in the pic but there’s always an area next to it that looks like a very faint bruise.

It or the area around it (hard to say) is very itchy!!

Excuse my stubbly pins grin

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WiltedDaffs Mon 24-Feb-20 19:49:27

Looks ok from what I can see in the pictures.

Best get a doctor to look if you think it’s changed or if it’s itching.

hurryupautumn Mon 24-Feb-20 19:51:32

Looks fine

DonKeyshot Tue 25-Feb-20 04:26:45

Is it raised? It's difficult to get an idea of scale - how big is it, i.e. diameter?

Ilovemycatssomuch Tue 25-Feb-20 08:04:07

Thanks for the replies.

Yes it’s raised but it’s small 5mm or less I’d estimate.

I think my main worry is the bruise like shadow which I know you can’t really see in the picture. Does anyone know what that could be? It’s definitely not a bruise because it’s been there for months.

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Somethingsosimple Tue 25-Feb-20 09:39:39

Op I sometimes look at my moles and think there is a shadow around it, but then if I look at another patch of skin that doesn’t have a mole I can see the same sort of bruise like skin too. Do get it checked to be sure but it looks ok to me.

DonKeyshot Wed 26-Feb-20 03:49:02

It's hard to tell from photos but it could be an early basal cell carcinoma which is absolutely nothing to worry about and can be easily removed.

As I can't see the bruise you've referred to I would suggest you ask your GP to take a look and refer you to a dematologist. It may take some months before you get an appointment but, again, a bcc is nothing to worry about and doesn't warrant an early referral.


Ilovemycatssomuch Wed 26-Feb-20 07:36:36

Thanks all! You’ve really reassured me but I’ll try and get to GP at some point. Thanks again smile

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DonKeyshot Wed 26-Feb-20 22:06:19

If it's raised and looks a bit 'warty' or 'uneven' as in having little ridges it's always best to have it checked by a GP with possible referral to a dermotology clinic.

Don't make my mistake and let the GP try to freeze it off with nitrogen - ask for a referral so that a dermotologist can take a look before you let anyone get at it with an ultracold blast from a can.

Btw, by 'early referral' I mean one that's made within the 2 week rule.

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