Moviprep for colonoscopy

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fayebebaby Mon 24-Feb-20 10:40:58

Had to take this last month where I had an appointment at 11.30am was still running to the toilet at 10.00am !! Luckily it had stopped by the time. I got to the hospital.The procedure was cancelled as the consultant was off sick. I have a new appointment at 1.00pm next week. The moviprep instructions say one lot at 7.00pm and then the 2nd lot at 6.00am on the morning ? If last time is anything to go by I’ll still be needing the toilet ??? Am thinking of following the morning instructions. Anybody else done this ? Anybody know why there’s such a big time gap for an afternoon appointment compared to the morning?

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Mumof1andacat Mon 24-Feb-20 11:23:03

I'd be questioning why the hospital didnt contact you earlier in the morning to save you a trip to the hospital. Most endoscopy units open at 8am

fayebebaby Mon 24-Feb-20 11:29:04

They had xfered me to a different doctor but he couldn’t do this procedure. I wasn’t happy esp as I was sat in the waiting room for an hour and a half !!! But my main question is about the moviprep

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