Anyone still up? In scary place

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Lauren850 Mon 24-Feb-20 01:19:39

Dd2 (16) was admitted to hospital today, suffering from a weird and scary skin condition - the worst is in her mouth, lots of agonising little white spots, but she also has spots on arms, legs and back which look a bit like angry insect bites. Hospital says infection or drug reaction (she's recently started Sertraline) but we need test results to know more. I've persuaded the ward to let me stay with her - in a chair all night - as i can't bear to leave her in so much pain in a strange place with lots of horrible stuff going on. Woman in next bed keeps being sick really loudly and i have stupidly googled and found all kinds of terrifying explanations of her symptoms. Any calming words would hugely appreciated!

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doubleshotespresso Mon 24-Feb-20 01:33:47

Fish so sorry to hear!
I've got no expertise on this but cannot imagine how awful -your poor DD.
I'd have stayed too in this situation sending you my very best.
Is your DD asleep now?

knowmenclature Mon 24-Feb-20 01:41:59

Also here for you if you're feeling scared.

Try to not over think it, or over worry, it won't change anything (hmmm, so easy to say, I know)

White spots in the mouth sound like measles, but I guess they've done blood tests.

Try to get some soothing sounds on your phone to help you distract yourself.

Also, she's already on iv ab's if they suspect infection which should have her feeling a lot better very quickly.

knowmenclature Mon 24-Feb-20 01:42:33

Does she have a temp?

Lauren850 Mon 24-Feb-20 01:59:55

Thanks so much for kind words it really helps to know I'm not alone! She's in too much pain to really sleep but at least lying quietly for now. Has a temp but not sky high. I thought measles too at first but it's not that...
I really wish she was on IV antibiotics but they say they need to know what's going on first. The Sertraline is suspect- omg i feel so terrible now, firstly for letting her go on it in first place amd also not realising days ago we should stop it - aaarrghh!

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YesIReallyDoLikeRootBeer Mon 24-Feb-20 02:01:20

Are the sores in her mouth like cold sores at all? Last summer I had a horrible Herpes Simplex 1 outbreak in my mouth. My mouth was full of sores. Was incredibly painful and it caused me to break out on my legs too. The legs looked like terrible bug bites but they did not itch or hurt at all. I wonder if it could be something similar.

knowmenclature Mon 24-Feb-20 02:03:43

How could you know? Don't go there. Stuff happens and had you known...well you didn't, so take it easy on yourself!

I assume that you let her take it because shes in need? Again, you couldn't have known!

They've taken bloods?


neverdoingthatagain100 Mon 24-Feb-20 02:09:18

How are you doing? How is your daughter?

Lauren850 Mon 24-Feb-20 02:09:32

Ooh - i did wonder about herpes, Yes! But the sores look like raised white spots, some pinhead size and some a bit bigger but not as big as a cold sore. Would be so relieved if its that!
Loads of blood and swabs taken early pm but i guess it'll take a while to get results. What happened with the herpes- how was that diagnosed?

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neverdoingthatagain100 Mon 24-Feb-20 02:10:05

At least she's in the right place! Has she had pain relief?

Lauren850 Mon 24-Feb-20 02:10:27

She is groaning with pain...wish they give stronger painkillers

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neverdoingthatagain100 Mon 24-Feb-20 02:13:13

My daughter had herpes 1 in her mouth and on her legs when she was about 12 months old. The spots were small and looked like extreme nappy rash. The doctor could tell from looking at it what it was. You can try googling what herpes 1 spots look like

neverdoingthatagain100 Mon 24-Feb-20 02:15:36

Your poor daughter! I'm sorry to hear that she is in so much pain

knowmenclature Mon 24-Feb-20 02:17:08

Make sure they give her stronger pain relief. There's no excuse to leave her in pain.

Lauren850 Mon 24-Feb-20 02:20:51

She's having dihydracodeine...I've asked for morphine but they just say the doctor won't agree. She also has a topical anaesthetic but it only seems to last 10.mins. Think it's a case of trying to get through the night and hoping to see someone in the morning

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neverdoingthatagain100 Mon 24-Feb-20 02:27:47

That's weird. Can you apply the cream when it stops working? 10 minutes is nothing.

DecemberSnow Mon 24-Feb-20 02:30:34

Are you in the UK OP?

knowmenclature Mon 24-Feb-20 02:39:05

Are they gatekeeping the doctor by saying he won't agree (as in, we won't ask as he wont ageee), or theyve asked and hes refused further/other pain relief.

Theres pethidine, there's other form of pain relief, it doesn't have to be morphine.

Get hold of the doctor and ask for your DD to have her pain properly controlled.

DecemberSnow Mon 24-Feb-20 02:49:04

You say you convinced them to let you stay? And there's a woman in the next cubicle being sick, why is she not on a children's ward?

Neome Mon 24-Feb-20 02:55:32

What a horrible experience for you both.

I hope the morning brings improvement 🌷

Sarahjanephillips Mon 24-Feb-20 02:58:12

Your in the best place they will help her in many ways and don’t search as all you will get is scarier things than you can think of stay strong smile

YesIReallyDoLikeRootBeer Mon 24-Feb-20 03:09:22

In my case it took many trips to the doctor (5 times in 7 days) and several misdiagnosis (and prescriptions that did not work) and a trip to an ENT before they finally figured out what it was. When they did finally diagnose it right and got me on the right meds it cleared up some what quickly in my mouth. All though the dr was shocked how quickly i healed. My legs took a trip to a Dermatologist to be diagnosed as being related to the Herpes in my mouth. They eventually cleared up on their own, but it took a couple months before they completely cleared up.

Lauren850 Mon 24-Feb-20 04:37:20

Thank you so much everyone, she's finally sleeping which is a miracle as it's incredibly noisy here! Consultant dermatologist will see her in the morning god willing so I'll def ask about herpes.
Yes it's funny we're on an adult ward, apparently that's standard for 16 yrs up - this is a big London hospital, i had no idea. The youngest patient in this room apart from her is about 70!

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neverdoingthatagain100 Mon 24-Feb-20 06:53:01

Good luck, I hope that it's sorted quickly for her this morning xx

THAT90sBITCH Mon 24-Feb-20 06:56:40

I would have thought under 18s for a childrens ward! Hope you get answers soon

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