On tamoxifen ... sudden heavy period

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freddiemercury Sun 23-Feb-20 15:05:54

Hi all, wondered if anyone has had similar. I've been on tamoxifen for nearly three years now after diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a lumpectomy and then radiotherapy...no chemo. My periods have continued throughout...completely regular 28 day cycle and very light...probably TMI but not v er bloody, looked more like coffee grounds. Lasting two days. But this time round I came on at exactly the normal time...but eight days on it is still going and very fresh, very red blood. I'm.47 so part of me thinks might just be weird period menopausal shenanigans. But is this something that can just happen or worth getting checked out? Any thoughts v much appreciated

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DuckyMcDuck Sun 23-Feb-20 16:47:10

Slightly different, but after 3 years on tamoxifen I suddenly had a period (having not had one for about 3 1/2 years). I had developed a large uterine polyp which wasn't thought to be sinister but was removed because they can develop and there was talk of potential uterine cancer issues.

I would recommend you bring it up with your BC consultant (I am assuming you're on the tamoxifen for that).

I then went on to develop another polyp and ended up having a hysterectomy but apparently that is quite unusual.

freddiemercury Sun 23-Feb-20 16:54:22

Thank you ducky really helpful. I am on an open access thing with the Marsden so will give them a call...

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DuckyMcDuck Sun 23-Feb-20 18:41:41

I recognise your name now from the tamoxigang threads (I had to name change recently).

Hope it's something and nothing. The gift that gives on giving eh?

freddiemercury Sun 23-Feb-20 20:12:09

Laughing....isn't it just a delightful present wrapped in barbed wire! Weirdly it feels hormonal...only in that I came on at the normal time etc but it just won't stop. But I'm all to aware of increase risk of uterine cancer blah blah...bollocks!! Hope you're doing ok... I think I know who you are....xxx
And er if anyone else has had similar and it's been nothing to worry about do feel free to share....pleeeeeaaaaase!!

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DuckyMcDuck Thu 27-Feb-20 15:40:28

Hi @freddiemercury
Just wondered how you are and whether you spoke to anyone and hopefully they have reassured you.

freddiemercury Sun 01-Mar-20 19:52:15

You're so lovely to ask @DuckyMcDuck ...I have the delight of a,pelvic scan on friday...eeeeek

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DuckyMcDuck Tue 03-Mar-20 07:39:00

Hope it all goes well on Friday.

Oh the joys of - I still feel slightly sick when we drive past the hospital where I had my chemo, that's 6 years later!

DuckyMcDuck Tue 03-Mar-20 07:39:23

Somehow left out the word scanxiety!

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