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Light fever in 12 week old

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booreeve Wed 05-Sep-07 10:07:53

DS has had a slight temperature since Saturday/Sunday of between 99 and 100.......had shots last week, and or might be teeth (much drooling and hand in mouth) had some fairly fruity nappies. Been using the Calpol and ibuprofen but nothing seems to work....he's still brighteyed and smiley though. any suggestions or thoughts? how manmy days can i really use the calpol for?

iris66 Wed 05-Sep-07 10:19:46

if he's not actually unwell with the temp then do you really need to give him anything? High temp is the body's way of dealing with things so as long as it doesn't go up too quickly or stay high I wouldn't worry. Babies get random temps all the time. Keep him cool and if you're worried get him to a Dr. HTH

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