Oral thrush

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mnthrowaway202020 Sat 22-Feb-20 20:45:18

Took a course of antibiotics in December, developed mild oral thrush - white/grey slimy patches across my tongue with a foul smell/taste. However these patches couldn’t be scraped away, unlike typical oral thrush, there was no bleeding/redness after scraping.

My tongue has partially cleared but is still white and I get halitosis. My oral hygiene is impeccable and I have tried daktarin gel to no avail. My GP who prescribed the antibiotics isn’t concerned. My dentist said my white tongue is in the realm of normal, so too mild to be prescribed anything.

Any advice for clearing it? My main concern is the foul taste, I’m really paranoid about having bad breath. Brushing, scraping and mouthwash doesn’t even remove the taste. I’m constantly chewing gum to ensure no one else can smell it, which doesn’t help my bruxism! Just want my tongue to go back to normal.

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Dreamersandwishers Sun 23-Feb-20 14:19:11

If you are sure it is thrush, try clotrimazole tablet ( Canesten oral capsule). You can get it over the counter and it’s cheaper if you buy the generic version.
Also try rinsing and gargling with salt water, avoid alcohol and mouthwashes with alcohol in them, until it’s clear.

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