scaly dryness under eye and on eye lid

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user1465146157 Sat 22-Feb-20 17:17:23

For a couple of weeks I could sense something coming up on my eyelid but it is right on the inside corner so hard to see

its come up more now as a very small patch of dry skin - and theres now a bit on the corner and a bit under the eye on the inside corner

never had anything like this - anyone had the same? its like dry scaly patches


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Palavah Sat 22-Feb-20 17:20:18

Yes, I had this on both eyes. Mine was eczema.

Have you tried using an aqueous cream to wash/moisturise?

user1465146157 Sat 22-Feb-20 17:26:38

thank you, I will do

was it quite itchy/irritating? do I need to see a GP or does it go on it's own?

thanks for responding

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yummumto3girls Sat 22-Feb-20 22:56:30

My DD had this, went on for quite a few weeks until I took her to the GP who gave her some steroid cream and it cleared up a treat!

Palavah Sun 23-Feb-20 09:00:55

Yes mine was itchy, I eventually had to get a referral to a dermatologist, but sometimes you can just clear it up in a few days by using epaderm or similar aqueous cream. If it doesn't then do see your GP

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Sun 23-Feb-20 09:03:12

I had this,I used a small amount of 1% steriod cream for a week then CeraVe eye cream seems to have kept it at bay since.

underneaththeash Sun 23-Feb-20 20:28:48

Do not put 1% steroid cream on your eyelid!

See an optometrist or your gp it could be one of quite a few things.


KayRay20 Wed 30-Dec-20 21:56:09

Aveeno Dermexa Daily Emollient Cream seems to be working wonders. Pretty sure what I have is contact dermatitis from mascara.

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