Positive qFIT test

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Renata81 Mon 18-May-20 08:52:49

Hi Pebble21uk
I hope this message finds you well
I just found myself in your situation
Which is why I’m looking for some information and other people experiences

How are you feeling now? What treatments did you have?
Have they done your colonoscopy yet?
Best wishes

Pebble21uk Sun 23-Feb-20 09:30:36


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Pebble21uk Sat 22-Feb-20 14:53:13

So I've just found out that my results are 17 ug/g when 'normal' is 0.0 - 9.0... can any medics enlighten me as to these results as my GP didn't mention any numbers?

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Pebble21uk Sat 22-Feb-20 13:04:35

Apologies I've been on the health boards a lot in recent weeks due to ongoing gastric issues which started with a virus. Nausea, weight loss, bloating, indigestion etc. Have had ultrasound (fine) and endoscopy (looked fine, waiting for biopsy results) and due to have CT scan.

My consultant has now asked for me to have a colonoscopy too as, 'microscopic amounts of blood' were detected in a qFIT stool sample. The thing is, when I phoned my GP for the results, they said, 'no further action' and when I saw my GP she didn't seem overly concerned or mention anything about taking things further - it's only now my consultant has the result he says to have a colonoscopy. I'm fine with that... but how worried should I be?

And what does 'microscopic' mean in this instance? I don't have any other major bowel symptoms - certainly haven't noticed any bleeding and not deficient in iron etc. But obviously it now has me worried too!

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