Trapped nerve

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Bumblingbwee Fri 21-Feb-20 17:22:55

I think I’ve done something to the nerve in my thumb. I was cutting plastic floor tiles with scissors for several hours a week ago and since then I’ve had electric shock feelings in my thumb, along with numbness. The feeling is constant and if I knock my thumb, even very gently, I get an electric shock through my whole thumb and down to my wrist.
Quickly spoke to pharmacist who said just rest it but get it checked if getting worse. I’m not in pain but the shock feeling is becoming more intense. Is this a trapped nerve and can I somehow untrap it?

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allypally999 Sun 23-Feb-20 17:48:23

I had that once after cutting lino with scissors ... it went after a few days - more of a crushed/numb nerve feeling I thought. Trapped nerves resolve after a few days or weeks - I get them in my neck and shoulders and they send shooting pains down my arms. I'd go with rest and GP if it gets worse but I'm only speaking from my own experiences

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