Flexible cystoscopy?

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Chillipepper298 Fri 21-Feb-20 10:43:40

DH (33) had a UTI a few months back. He hadn’t had anything like this before but was quite run down at the time and it cleared up within a few days of starting antibiotics.

The GP he saw was a trainee and wanted to do bloods and refer him for scans of his bladder/kidneys and to urology just as a precaution. Bloods and scans all came back clear. At the urology appointment, they found a trace of blood in one urine test (non-visible) and recommended cystoscopy. The dr wasn’t really able to provide an explanation of why this is necessary given he has no ongoing symptoms, has never had a UTI before, no family history etc. He referred to the non-visible blood and said in the general population this would be about a 20% risk of bladder cancer and so they should rule this out. I’m not a doctor but have googled and can’t see where he has got the 20% from - non-visible bleeding seems more like 4% and only on recurrent tests. I also can’t see that any of the guidelines would warrant cystoscopy in a 34 yr old male with one uti which resolved on antibiotics. Does anyone have experience of this? Are DH and I right to question the need for such an invasive procedure or would it be best to just go ahead and have it done?

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digerd Fri 21-Feb-20 11:30:49

I am a woman and been told a "rarity as most are men that have bladder cancer". One man I met at the hospital told me that his dr said for men it is the best cancer to get -apart from Testicular which is very easy to cure even when spread.
The stats I have not been bothered with, but the odds are far better for men than women despite there being almost twice as many men than women getting bladder cancer.

It is generally not a young man's cancer and blood in the urine is seen more easily by men than women who sit down on the loo while men men stand and hold it and look to aim it in the right direction
These facts result in men being diagnosed at a very early stage and easily curable.
The other possibility is prostate cancer which is also not a young man's cancer. Where any cancer is concerned it is better to be cautious than be sorry even if the % is low.
Blood in urine can be a symptom of bladder or prostate cancer but most likely not to be either.
However, I would advise you to persuade him to not take the risk and have the Cystoscopy,
Good luck .

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