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Gallstones - new member

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Cheri40 Tue 04-Sep-07 20:08:17

Hi everyone - I am new to this site. I was browsing the NET this evening following a nasty gallstone attack today. In March this year, I experienced some really awful strange pains in my right groin. The pain was intermittent but it lasted until late in the evening - by this time I went to A&E. They couldn't find the problem but kept asking me if I had been sick or if I had pain anywhere near the tummy - I said no. One of the consultants decided to take blood tests - he was puzzled as my amylase (enzyme from the Pancreas) came back as 283 - the reading ranges are usually 80-100 for that lab. Anyway, I went home, tried to research amylase, it threw up lots of possible reasons. In May, I ate my dinner in the evening and suffered the most excruciating pain!!! I was in so much pain that I went to bed in my work suit!! I couldn't move and 4 painkillers later, nothing worked. I went to my GP and told him about the amylase reading in A&E and the attack I suffered - he didn't seem alarmed and said he would arrange for me to have 2 more blood tests 2 months apart to see if the Amylase dropped - his main concern was that it was not Pancreaitis! (Great - but what was it??) He said it was probably raised for no reason, perhaps that was MY range??? By this time I was getting really wound up [hmm} - I am no GP but your body responds when something is not right! The 1st GP blood test came back- amylase dropped but only to 154 (the hospital marked it as abnormal) - the 2nd test in early July came back as 176 - so I said - why does it keep going up and down? I was given another waffled explanation. Low and behold - In mid July I was at work and I suddenly came over dizzy, felt sick and I couldn't breathe. I left the office and tried to get to Boots for painkillers/advice - anything - I was totally disorientated. My work colleague came out to find me and took me to our sick bay where they monitored my heart, temperature etc and then called the ambulance. Prior to this my pain level was 9/10 - when the paramedic came he reviewed what happened and asked me to lift my tongue and he sprayed something-BINGO! he asked what my pain level was and I said 2! (within 5 seconds) He sprayed it again 5 mins later and asked again - I was totally pain free!!! I was so happy I jumped off the couch and said I can go back to work now - they said NO - you have responded positively to a spray used for heart patients - we need to find out why? The hospital admitted me and ere very thorough - the consultant advised that he suspected I had gallstones when I told him about the previous attacks, amylase readings - so why could my GP not relate these facts or pass me on to somebody who could?? I had an ultrasound scan with BUPA - no gall stones found - but I knew something was wrong??? Then by chance the same hospital who admitted me sent me an appointment for an ultrasound scan - BINGO - there in front of me were multiple gall stones dancing like they were on Saturday Night Fever!shock I now have an appointment to see the consultant to decide how to treat the stones - I have previously had a Pulmonary Embolism (Clot to the lung) following surgery 4 years ago so it it is very high risk for me to have surgery- I could have another clot Tonight I was in agony again, I took 2 Ibuprofen and tried to relax, easier said than done, I felt like I couldn't breathe - it scares me so much as the feeling is similar to what I suffered with the blood clot of which I am extremely lucky to be alive. Can anyone suggest alternatives to surgery, I am so scared of having another clot - I have 2 children I love dearly and am fortunate to be here with them. Sorry to write so much detail but if my story can throw light n anyone else's experience and help them - I am happy

handlemecarefully Wed 05-Sep-07 19:52:23

Sorry can't advise. Just bumping your thread as I noticed it was under unanswered threads

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