Enlarged lymph nodes neck

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FeedMeChoc Thu 20-Feb-20 11:19:35

Two enlarged lymph nodes in my neck. The area aches / shooting pains. Had it checked out when there for 6 weeks and told mobile and not to worry.

Now 11 months later they’re still there.

Saw my GP who has referred for an ultrasound. She widened her eyes when she asked if I had constipation and I said yes. Now very worried.

Positive stories required please!

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florriefloflorence Thu 20-Feb-20 11:22:34

You’ve had them there for a long time but still no other symptoms like night sweats, weight loss etc? Is that right? If so then that’s a great sign. Have they grown at all?
I’ve never read about constipation linked to lymph node issues but constipation can be linked to anything so I wouldn’t focus on that at all.
I’ve got loads of big ones in my neck but they came back fine when they were checked with a scan. The consultant said the vast majority of people have some that are enlarged but most people don’t notice.
Hope you’re ok OP, please come back to update

FeedMeChoc Thu 20-Feb-20 11:28:31

Nope. No night sweats or huge weight loss. My weight fluctuates within 7lbs or so and I can tell by what I’m eating where it’s going!

Thank you for the reassurance. I have a chronic health condition which is causing enough anxiety at the moment and I’m feeling rather overwhelmed 😫

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FeedMeChoc Thu 20-Feb-20 11:30:19

Oh - size. I’m not sure if one has grown or not. I’d say it’s easier to find than it was before, so if it’s grown it’s negligible as I haven’t noticed a huge growth if that makes sense. I think it’s the aching I get on that side that has made me more concerned than I was before the appointment!

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GoodStuffAnnie Thu 20-Feb-20 11:33:31

Cystic hygromas. Don’t worry! Totally benign. I have them. I’ve had them all my life though. Don’t know if u can develop later.

FeedMeChoc Thu 20-Feb-20 11:42:24

Dr Google says unlikely in adults but to consider it - usually presents before the age of 2! X

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florriefloflorence Thu 20-Feb-20 11:46:51

I completely understand- I suffer with health anxiety so know exactly how scary it can be flowers


FeedMeChoc Thu 20-Feb-20 15:36:43

The waiting is so very hard 😭

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florriefloflorence Thu 20-Feb-20 16:13:39

I’ve read a huge number of threads on here (in an anxious panic) about lymph nodes and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone come back with a cancer diagnosis.
Have you had blood tests?

FeedMeChoc Thu 20-Feb-20 16:20:29

I had blood tests a few months ago and they were fine (except for my chronic condition) but lymphoma doesn’t generally come up on blood tests.

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florriefloflorence Thu 20-Feb-20 16:23:12

There’s no specific markers for it but the doctor and consultants said to me when I had my tests that it’s very reassuring to them when blood tests come back fine! Also your white blood cell counts including lymphocytes would be abnormal so while there’s no specific marker for it, there are definite indications that there’s something wrong

FeedMeChoc Thu 20-Feb-20 16:58:26

Ah thank you for that. My lymphocytes in October were 2, normal range at my lab is 1-4.5. I think it’s high levels normally seen in lymphoma? Is that right?

Total white blood was 8.2 (range was 4-11).

You have no idea how much I appreciate you talking this through with me.

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WhatKatyDidNot Thu 20-Feb-20 17:02:26

Waiting is hard but no night sweats is a very, very good sign. Any unusual fatigue, tiredness? Fingers crossed for you, OP.

FeedMeChoc Thu 20-Feb-20 17:06:30

@WhatKatyDidNot I do have fatigue but that can be linked to my chronic illness so it’s not really a marker here unfortunately. The fatigue fluctuates day to day so for example today I feel pretty good. Other days I’m in bed at 7pm. I am only recently diagnosed with the chronic condition

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florriefloflorence Thu 20-Feb-20 18:42:19

Hi OP back again!
Your blood test results look very reassuring so please take comfort in that and the fact you have no night sweats etc even after all this time that they’ve been enlarged!!
I know too well the stress and anxiety this causes so it’s absolutely no trouble trying to help you feel better flowers

FeedMeChoc Thu 20-Feb-20 19:13:15

Thank you ❤️❤️❤️ You’re amazing

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