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Fairylights2021 Thu 20-Feb-20 10:28:24

I’ve had some calf pain for the past five weeks. It’s started off very minor and I only noticed it when in bed at night and now it’s far more crampy. I’m getting some muscle spasms and different points that ache. It’s been coming and going but is getting worse though I can still walk on it easily and it’s not painful just uncomfortable. There is no redness or swelling. I’m confident it’s not muscular pain but I’m concerned about dvt as I’m unsure what’s causing it. I’ve been to the doctors twice about it now and they consider me to be low risk but were due to take bloods yesterday so added the d dimer test to the list. I called up today to find out when to expect the results and was advised it could be anywhere up to a week and they couldn’t be chased. The discomfort is more consistent today than yesterday and it worries me that I’ll have to wait so long but my symptoms are fairly mild. What would you do?

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endofthelinefinally Thu 20-Feb-20 10:35:03

Measure both your calves.
Check the veins in your ankles and feet. Are they more prominent on the affected side?
Any family history of dvt?
Are you overweight/pregnant/on oral contraception/immobile for any reason?
Could you have pulled a muscle?
Have you been doing any unusual activity or exercise recently.
My neighbour had a load of scans and investigations for leg pain. It turned out that he had bought a new car and hadn't adjusted the seat properly.
MIL complained about aching in her arms for several days. Turned out she had been reading an enormous, heavy book and hadn't rested it on anything.
Sometimes when you really think about it the reason jumps out at you.

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