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Dairy desserts - healthy or not?

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Mumpbump Tue 04-Sep-07 17:41:57

I am trying to encourage my dsc to eat healthy food. The last couple of weekends, they have had pudding after their Sunday lunch in the form of fruit and custard, ie. banana custard or stewed blueberries with custard, which I would consider to be healthy puddings because they are mainly milk. Likewise for rice pudding.

Just interested in knowing whether other people would agree that these are healthy treats or whether custard and fruit / rice pudding would generally be considered unhealthy.

NAB3 Tue 04-Sep-07 17:43:11

Rice pud, imo, is fine. I would have custard as a treat. How about making smoothies? Fruit, natural yogurt and a banana. Really easy and you can freeze the mixture to have home made lollies too.

Mumpbump Tue 04-Sep-07 17:46:01

They wouldn't go near natural yogurt, but don't mind flavoured yogurts too much. You have reminded me that before I entered into a haze of sleep deprivation on ds' arrival, I used to give them vanilla flavoured yogurt instead of custard - much healthier substitute, even if you can't have it hot!!

NAB3 Tue 04-Sep-07 18:25:02

They wouldn't know the natural yogurt was there in smoothies or lollies.

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